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  1. Settings ->Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Network setting -> Network Mode -> Global This is set when I power on but I get no connection to internet. As soon as I switch to LTE my phone works.. problem is that everytime I boot my phone defaults to Global. Should my phone be working on Global?
  2. Qi Wireless Charger/Portable Powerbank: http://www.amazon.com/UPGRADED-LuguLake-6000mAh-Qi-Inductive/dp/B00CY4SG10
  3. I've been told by multiple Sprint reps that the 4g should work without the SIM card since the SIM card is just for international service (GSM)... I'm so confused!!
  4. Saw this online in regards to activating on Sprint. https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/3473178 Does this mean we DON'T need to get a SIM card?
  5. Haha I love how some people call Westchester/Rockland Upstate NY
  6. You should've gotten a WiMax phone instead of complaining about a technology that hasn't been launched yet.
  7. Been mapping Westchester (specifically the White Plains area)... I'm really impressed on how quickly a small blip on the map is starting to become a wider area of LTE coverage.
  8. Just a quick update for the Westchester folks. I am getting LTE on my Galaxy Nexus in North White Plains by the train station and I'm lucky enough that my home is within range. Speeds on LTE have been between 5 to 9MBps download and 2 to 5MPps upload. If these speeds stay consistent I will be very happy coming from terrible 3g of 0.07MBps - 0.3 MBps on a good day.
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