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  1. My Tab S6 was just updated to the August patch. Hopefully your S20+ will not be far behind.
  2. I am on 4G most of the time also. Our service is great. We get everything we need and want out of our connection. I remember the issues we had when Sprint converted towers to LTE. Everyone was out chasing tower upgrades. It was a mess for some people but we all got thru it. And I for one, am glad we did.
  3. Just got the August update on the S20 FE 5G.
  4. Finally got the July update on the A32 5G.
  5. Finally got the May security update on the A32. The S20 FE is already on June. Difference between a budget phone and a mid to upper value phone I guess.
  6. Well the A32 is a budget phone. In fact I think my old 2014 Nexus 6 is still a better phone except it cant do several of the new TMobile bands. Your A32 does take a memory card, up to 1 terabyte I think. Our A32 has 44GB of unused memory, so we dont need a memory card in it right now.
  7. My wife had some issues with her A32 5G initially. We disabled some apps and removed permission (background processing, etc) on some others that she was not going to use. It seems to be working pretty good now. I downloaded the "Open Camera" app from the playstore. She seems to like it a lot better than the stock camera app. Let me know if you are able to get it to work ok for you.
  8. I just forced B71 and it is on a different tower (farther away) than the B2 that I usually use. Could they still use it just to force the "useless" 5G icon on my phone?
  9. Yes my S20 FE does support SA. The n71 is probably on a different tower that is farther away. According to SCP, n71 has a weaker signal at my house than B2. I think the band selector app is pretty interesting. When combined with SCP, tower chasing should be fun.
  10. I just tried that on my S20 FE. I forced NR B71 in my house, but the speed was about 1/2 of what I normally get on B2. NR B41 did not find anything. Interesting.
  11. I have the June update on my S20 FE 5G.
  12. In March TMobile announced a major addition to it's Charleston SC customer support center where it will be adding 540 jobs and spending about 10 million dollars. https://www.postandcourier.com/business/t-mobile-expanding-its-north-charleston-customer-call-center/article_e8fdf620-7c61-11eb-9e02-e33432834607.html I believe there have been other sites added or upgraded around the country also. Hopefully this is the start of a better experience for customers like Jporter12 and BlueAngel.
  13. How do I shrink the screenshot file down to post it?
  14. Ok. I probably need to activate the new sim card and let it update everything. We used the sim card from my wife's Nexus 6 so far.
  15. Looks like the A32 5G might not have SA yet. On the *#2263# screens, my S20 FE seems to show SA as well as NSA. My A32 does not seem to show those indicators. I could be missing something or misreading something.
  16. I forgot about that. Will check it out when I get home. Thanks.
  17. Does the A32 5G have standalone 5G out of the box or does it need an update like the S20 FE?
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