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  1. Thanks for the info. Is there a way to check how much data has been used from the hotspot vs. normal data usage from the phone ?
  2. So 50GB each month, then it resets next billing cycle ? I don't mind the slowdown, but there's not an automatic charge once you exceed though ? That's just the thing I want to make sure I avoid.
  3. I have the old ED 1500 plan and saw there is a 50GB hotspot option for free. I know this is not new, but I recently added it for $0.00. Is it 50GB for every line each month ? If you exceed the 50GB what happens ? Is this a promo or permanent ? Have not found much specifics on it. Thanks.
  4. I was also curious, is there any upgrade in network access from the Pixel 2 vs Pixel 3 ? I know the Pixel was 2xCA before right ? Is the Pixel 3 3xCA ?
  5. Voicemail isn't working. If you use the native Android and leave a voicemail, I noticed there is not a symbol in the status bar. Anyone having this issue ?
  6. Ok thanks for letting me know. I got the Boost Mobile for the pixel 2 last year and used it. I think between trying to get a sprint sim card and the pixel 3 being new with few cases available for purchase I'll probably wait to order for a few months until hopefully things get sorted. I don't mind paying for a card at best buy if it means in and out vs. trying to work with Sprint and the long back and forth.
  7. Is this Sim card available at best buy
  8. Can this SIM be purchased at Best Buy ?
  9. I have sprint. Will I eventually be able to buy a one plus phone and use it on the new network? What happens to people with unlimited data plans on sprint?
  10. Just a heads up you need a new sim card. Check Reddit post. If you owned the pixel 1 you'll like this one. It is really smooth. It's a great phone and the camera is great
  11. The most recent update I don't have the issue anymore
  12. I noticed this pixel 2 has a different sim card than the pixel 1. Is the reception better with the pixel 2 or is there some better improvement for the 2 vs the 1 with this different sim card?
  13. My phone has been fine. No issues here. I think the ppl who got the pre order seem to have an issue
  14. I also received mine. Turned in my Pixel one as a trade in. Had that buzzing noise, everything else was good to go. I decided to return the Pixel 2 since I had 14 days to do so. It worked great, but I want to see Google sort out the issue first before rebuying. I liked the textured feel. When i listed to the phone wiht NFC on, I could hear a ringing or buzzing from behind the earpiece. Also had the clicking issue. That was it though everything else was fine.
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