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  1. I got a Pixel 5 recently. The phone defaults now to all T-Mobile bands. At least where I am at, the connection and speeds are worse which I didn't think was possible. The reception is probably slightly better, but overall the speeds are garbage, even "5G". From what I understand, all new 5G phones automatically default to T-Mobile bands unless it is roaming. For me Sprint 25/26/41 were pretty good in terms of download speeds. The T-Mobile Band 66 "5G" is worse than Sprint's B41. With respect to the phone itself, I'm probably one of the few who actually liked the fingerp
  2. I've owned the Pixel 1,2,3,4 and to be honest they have been average but nothing too wild. The first pixel was a huge improvement, however; each subsequent phone has been doing things on the margins. The main thing keeping me coming back has been the price. I think the Pixels for the price are competitive vs. Samsung or Apple which are crossing the $1,000 mark. Will have to see what Black Friday rolls around. Debating Pixel 5, or the new Oneplus 8T
  3. I was just curious if anyone here has tried to use the new Oneplus 8 or 8 Pro post merger with T-Mobile ? I am very very close to buying the Oneplus 8, and I personally don't mind if there isn't 5G or if it is not available yet, but I want to make sure that the phone will work if I order it from Oneplus now that Sprint is under T-Mobile. Every time I keep looking at Oneplus, I am getting closer and closer to wanting to try something new vs. the Pixel
  4. Even though the merger is well on it's way, the actual transfer from CDMA to GSM will still be a few years ? The ability to take a sim card and use it on an unlocked phone will be a big benefit vs. dealing with whitelisting of IMEI
  5. I had another question. I saw that Sprint was selling the Oneplus on the website. The store told me I need to make changes to my plan and I cannot buy the phone outright. I have the family 1500 which is a very old plan. I don't want to make any changes to my current plan so I may not be able to buy the phone from Sprint. If I buy the phone directly from oneplus I saw it said Verizon, t mobile and AT&T. Will this work for sprint too even though it is not listed on the site but says T mobile?
  6. Thanks. I saw this too. Seems like it "should" continue with 5G even post merger but probably still up in the air. I will follow this closely.
  7. Does this mean that the Oneplus 8 being sold by Sprint will eventually become a LTE phone and lose 5G ? I am interested in the phone, but if it will eventually get cut off from 5G, I'll just wait until all the dust settles.
  8. Random question, but I see that Sprint is selling the Oneplus 8 5G. Will this phone still be good in the future after the merger ? I saw some of the earlier 5G phones on Sprint are being disconnected as T-Mobile is moving forward. I wouldn't want to get a phone that is obsolete in less than 12 months.
  9. I sent mine back a few weeks ago. My power went out for 2 seconds and it went back to search mode. If the pebble gets disconnected from power for any amount of time, it needs to be completely re-configured. Decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I have wifi calling so I get phone calls and if I don't get texts,....depending on who it is from that's actually a bonus.
  10. Does your android allow you to connect to wifi and mobile ? By default my android cuts the mobile when I'm on wifi to save data so you need to make sure both can be on at the same time.
  11. No, what I did was out of the box I tried the Sprint set up assistant app and input my info in via app and then wifi. It wasn't working with my current cell phone so I tried it on another and it worked. I also have android. Regarding the flashing, the same thing happens with me. I think it is not connected all the time. When I am on wifi, it stays green when I am close by, then when I turn off wifi, it flashes so the same thing. I have not had mine for very long, so I'm not sure if it takes time to calibrate itself. I also moved the GPS black box to a different location so it has
  12. The set up took several times and really was a hit or miss for me. I tried the wifi option and it kept timing out, however; when I unplugged the pebble then replugged it in, after the LED light sequence set up it was a solid green light then flashes when connected. I think that when inputting in the wifi info, it showed as timing out, but the info went through b/c I see that it flashes when I am near. The first time it happened I was a bit surprised and just gave up as it not working so I unplugged it then replugged it and the light was green. My wifi router that connects into the
  13. I was checking and you are correct, the signal is pretty weak once I get outside the house. I am on my laptop right now and I can see the Sprint pebble as an unsecured open wifi signal when checking the network. Is there anything I need to do with this since it is unsecured or just leave it alone ? Thanks for the info.
  14. Hi killerz- Thanks for the info. I assume that if I make a call via wifi, texts are still coming in through CDMA without VoLTE.....so the pebble is more useful for texts ? I probably am confused about what VoLTE is. I thought it was another way to use VOIP which was wifi calling ? I don't think I understand how it boosts data vs. the regular wifi ? All of the phones that we have now have wifi calling, but I could definitely see how useful this would have been maybe 4+ years ago when I didn't have it. I do see that I have signal now that is strong, so I presume it is wo
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