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  1. You'll have to forgive me. I'm from California so I expect to be given everything for free and not work for it. Not sure if that makes sense
  2. So finally I can get an unlocked GSM phone in the future? I'm honestly not optimistic about the merger although sprint needs it more than t mobile financially. Long term I think everyone should expect to pay more than they are for their plans.
  3. Thanks for the info. Is there a way to check how much data has been used from the hotspot vs. normal data usage from the phone ?
  4. So 50GB each month, then it resets next billing cycle ? I don't mind the slowdown, but there's not an automatic charge once you exceed though ? That's just the thing I want to make sure I avoid.
  5. I have the old ED 1500 plan and saw there is a 50GB hotspot option for free. I know this is not new, but I recently added it for $0.00. Is it 50GB for every line each month ? If you exceed the 50GB what happens ? Is this a promo or permanent ? Have not found much specifics on it. Thanks.
  6. I was also curious, is there any upgrade in network access from the Pixel 2 vs Pixel 3 ? I know the Pixel was 2xCA before right ? Is the Pixel 3 3xCA ?
  7. Voicemail isn't working. If you use the native Android and leave a voicemail, I noticed there is not a symbol in the status bar. Anyone having this issue ?
  8. Ok thanks for letting me know. I got the Boost Mobile for the pixel 2 last year and used it. I think between trying to get a sprint sim card and the pixel 3 being new with few cases available for purchase I'll probably wait to order for a few months until hopefully things get sorted. I don't mind paying for a card at best buy if it means in and out vs. trying to work with Sprint and the long back and forth.
  9. Is this Sim card available at best buy
  10. Can this SIM be purchased at Best Buy ?
  11. I have sprint. Will I eventually be able to buy a one plus phone and use it on the new network? What happens to people with unlimited data plans on sprint?
  12. Just a heads up you need a new sim card. Check Reddit post. If you owned the pixel 1 you'll like this one. It is really smooth. It's a great phone and the camera is great
  13. The most recent update I don't have the issue anymore
  14. I noticed this pixel 2 has a different sim card than the pixel 1. Is the reception better with the pixel 2 or is there some better improvement for the 2 vs the 1 with this different sim card?
  15. My phone has been fine. No issues here. I think the ppl who got the pre order seem to have an issue
  16. I also received mine. Turned in my Pixel one as a trade in. Had that buzzing noise, everything else was good to go. I decided to return the Pixel 2 since I had 14 days to do so. It worked great, but I want to see Google sort out the issue first before rebuying. I liked the textured feel. When i listed to the phone wiht NFC on, I could hear a ringing or buzzing from behind the earpiece. Also had the clicking issue. That was it though everything else was fine.
  17. Staff won't get trimmed immediately, but they will eventually. In business merger acquisitions almost always reduce headcount. Also what about the customers in particular Sprint ? Sprint is a low cost provider, once T-Mobile takes majority stake which reports appear they will there is no longer the need to compete. The more I think about this, the party worse off is Sprint customers. T-Mobile is already charging higher for their plans. I know people will say it will benefit everyone to have a greater network access, but ultimately you will be paying for it in higher costs esp as a Sprint customer.....if you wanted greater network access why not switch to Verizon ? Sprint provides a medium between low cost and (average/at time below average) service. That's ok b/c the cost is cheaper and some ppl are ok with the trade off to save some $. Now there is no longer going to be a cheaper option if this moves forward.
  18. http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-sprint-t-mobile-merger-deal-20170925-story.html https://www.cnbc.com/video/2017/09/25/t-mobile-sprint-begin-due-diligence-sources.html Rumor by 3rd week of October details. Hopefully Sprint employees fare decent with this deal. I've never had any rude or unhelpful service the times I've called, and if the deal goes through there will almost certainly be some trimming of headcount going into the holiday season to make it even worse. I hope for things to be the best for both Sprint employees and customers. That's really my only issue with being against the merger is that Sprint customers and employees get the shaft one way or another which I can completely see happening.
  19. Depends on who you ask. I personally like Sprint separated from T-Mobile. I've read the rumors and I am inclined to believe they are true that if Sprint buys T-Mobile, it will be T-Mobile's CEO really calling the shots. Softbank's investment was purely a financial one. I'm not going to get into it but in Japan, the country has low rates and they have been in a recession since the late 80s so this was an investment they saw worthwhile, not b/c the country cares about US customers....unfortunately. So they are looking to flip and make money, that's how private equity works/investors......remember that GOP Presidential candidate in 2012 named Mitt Romney ? The firm he was a part of Bain Capital did this. I think if it does go through (and US regulators approve which remains to be seen), Sprint will be absorbed into T-Mobile's culture, not the other way around. I don't believe Softbank cares beyond making a profit....I also expect as everyone has mentioned the pricing structure to change. That's been Sprint's main appealing point is a low price and unlimited data, which now carriers are also doing, so it's just price. Since there has been talk, right now I'll hang tight with Sprint. I want to play with a One Plus so I may just get a SIM card for that. I'll fully concede Sprint wins on price. I get a Government discount which may not be available anymore (not sure), but T-Mobile has done away with it. I'm also curious to see what T-Mobile would do with Sprint's grandfathered customers, I think it is safe to assume prices will go up with Sprint if they are bought.
  20. Their operating margin had been consistently negative annually until 2015. I'd consider that consistent with the exception of 2011 which was flat basically.
  21. That is true however Sprint has a negative operating margin. Out of the 4 US providers, Sprint is the only one to keep having this financial issue. They have for quite sometime and financially while they are not under any threat to go bankrupt, at the same time they are behaving like a half dead zombie that isn't quite dead, but not fully alive to make heavy hitting upgrades to compete with AT&T and Verizon. So you are right it does come down to money which Sprint isn't swimming in. In fact, here in California I don't have access to Band 26 due to the issue with Mexico, so it's just 41 or 25 for me.
  22. Honestly Sprint needs T-Mobile more than T-Mobile needs Sprint. Sprint is the weakest of the 4 financially. I think AT&T would not even blink for a second to buy T-Mobile if regulators approved. Sprint really does not offer anything unique anymore. Before they had the 2 yr contracts which kept me, but they were quietly phased out earlier this year which I was unaware of until about July. They have an unlimited plan, but the other networks are now reintroducing it in their own way.....also outdated CDMA which means no internet and voice at the same time.....
  23. How will this work with Sprint being CDMA and TMobile being GSM ? To be honest, I've been considering leaving Sprint. I've been using Sprint for awhile, but I'm tired of not having access to other unlocked phones I want to use and the service where I am at is pretty bad. I can understand in the middle of nowhere, but in Orange County, CA the network is more developed and comprehensive, yet everytime I've checked speed test scores with T-Mobile and Sprint mine is always consistently slower. If they merge I'd wait, but I think regulators will halt it. Been with Sprint awhile, but just really getting fed up.....the recent breaking point was last week I need to make an emergency call and was inside my house....yep "no signal".
  24. Sigh, Google is forever misdirected. Google has the potential to be great if they were more streamlined. I give them credit for being innovative such as Google Glass and Project Ara, but Google seems to be forever beta testing everything and seems to just take the approach of throwing a plate of food at a wall and seeing what sticks. Hopefully this decision isn't just another impulsive attempt. I think they could have used Motorola that much sooner and been better than Apple than this back and forth.
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