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  1. I'm getting lost in the CT siting website, looking for Fairfield county permits. Any way to look up permits by town ?
  2. B41 includes 2496MHz - 2690MHz. Isn't that all the spectrum Sprint has in the 2.5+ GHz spectrum ? What other spectrum would it be using for 5g ?
  3. So even 8T8R won't work for 5g ? This means none of the existing facilities will work for 5g. Every tower needs new antennas. Wow, that's a lot of money ! I thought they could use some of the existing equipment. Hard to see how Sprint can upgrade and expand 4g, and also add 5g everywhere.
  4. It seems Sprint is going to try to leap frog to 5g, rolling out a year from now. What's actually required for them to do that ? How much is hardware vs software ? For instance, is a b41 antenna all the hardware required , only the software needs to be updated ? Does it require 8T8R antenna ? If an antenna is updated to 5g, will it still work for 4g or only 5g ?
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