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  1. Anyone found any fixes for the 'stuck on 3G issue'?
  2. yeah.. My Pixel 3XL on Sprint has also seen its network issues share, in which it will drop to 3G and stay there, or it will go into Roaming, giving me incorrect system time, etc etc,....
  3. Yes. This also happens to me. It seems that quite a few are having this issue in which there is no notification (native to Pixel Phone Dialer app) that you have voice mail pending. A work around is to install the sprint visual voicemail app. At least that way I get voicemail notifications when someone leaves a VM.
  4. I see. Well, I guess I'll have to be patient until it gets finalized here. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Hmm.. Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. I will keep an eye on it to see if anything improves.
  6. I've been currently experiencing excessive roaming around SE Michigan Area. I recently got Pixel 3 XL and I'm not sure if network issues or phone issues. I am also experiencing while in roaming mode, my system time changes and is ahead by 5 hours. Last night, my alarm went off in the middle of the night. I was confused, but when I looked at my phone, I noticed it was roaming. Anyone else seen similar issues around SE Michigan Area? Just curious. I've chatted with Sprint Care and they reset the service on their side. But if the problem persists, they told me to contact level 2 tec
  7. anyone know if I can use same SIM as my original Pixel XL?
  8. hmmm... I just talked with Google CS and they confirmed that build OPR1.170623.026 is correct for Sprint......
  9. hmmm... I got OTA and it is now OPR1.170623.026.... I'm on Sprint..... Now I wonder if I have the correct one...???
  10. Anyone received the September security update on Pixel XL (Sprint)? If so, could you let me know what build number you have?? Thank you.
  11. puch96

    HTC U11

    Yeah... The Sapphire Blue looks quite nice!!!... However the black has some sort of greenish tint when looked at a certain angle..... I'm waiting for the end of this year to see what Google has in store (from what I heard 3 Pixel phones will be available). On the other hand, $12.75/m for 24mo for the U11 is very tempting.
  12. puch96

    HTC U11

    hmmm... Saphire Blue or Black????
  13. I talked with Sprint chat today and they are sending me this one. Item # 019962040146. WW GEM LTE+GSM REM 4FF CSIM V5. Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk
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