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  1. I am exploring my options, But I solely want to focus on data products and Sprint Wholesale is not really geared towards that build out which is why I have added T-Mobile to my list of possibilities and I am trying some unlimited data products on both carriers. We will see who wins this MVNO consideration. I like the Sprint build out so far, really great to capture all those CLEAR customers that will be left in the dark in the next 6 months when WiMax goes lights off. Robert
  2. Interesting, okay thanks for the correct on that. I saw 1900/2100 so I might have been wrong
  3. Not only CL accounts that are credit union accounts qualify. There are many programs available, I am currently helping my employees and contractors get service. see contractors.4gantennashop.com
  4. It looks like it is HPSA+ 1900/2100 as well which is great I can use this with my unlimited 4G data plan on the T-Mobile network for only 79.99 monthly.
  5. That plan is useless at that price.. I will give you a free Sierra Tri-Fi LTE hotspot for Band 25 LTE and an unlimited NON Spark 4G plan for the cost of less than what they want to charge you for there device per month. Way over priced for 3G service.
  6. Hey Jason, Hope all is well this is Robert from the 4G Antenna Shop, there is no need to get any sort of repeaters routers or bridges as the Netgear 6100D will now work on the plan you have through us. Just an FYI Robert
  7. Why buy this? What is the advantage vs my unlimited Sprint data plans for hotspots?
  8. yes, all data plans are MRC discountable. Only exception is the custom data plans
  9. Cool, Hopefully they will keep the external antenna ports. Combine this with my unlimited data plan .. and JOY!
  10. Here is some more Netgear 6100D Antenna Mod Pictures. https://4gantennashop.com/netgear/7.jpg https://4gantennashop.com/netgear/8.jpg https://4gantennashop.com/netgear/9.jpg https://4gantennashop.com/netgear/10.jpg https://4gantennashop.com/netgear/11.jpg https://4gantennashop.com/netgear/12.jpg
  11. Of course it will... Just choose SMA adapter on your wire choice. Here is a checkout discount code for you to save some money on your purchase> XXCC5PERX Robert 4gantennashop.com
  12. Okay so Day 9 on this test. And I played with the SIM card trying it in another device which did not work. However that threw off the programming on my device and made it not work, so lesson to be learned if you do this project, do not ever take the SIM out to put in something else as it will fail and will also make your gateway fail as well. All is well now, had to swap, reprogram device, swap back to mifi keeping the SIM # the same as the gateway and magic. Back on! Testing with a 24x16 Parabolic Grid - 60ft of RG-6 Dual Shield, 2 Barrel Adapters in the line. Band 25 -77 - 13D-8U (High
  13. Day 6 on Netgear 6100D using SIM Card SIMGLT207R from NOVATEL MIFI Device, so both devices working, Novatel on 3G, Netgear on 4G. if it holds I will explain, but this is great sign for us! This same SIM card is available in the Samsung S4 Mini. Here are some tear down pictures of the Netgear 6100D http://4gantennashop.com/netgear/1.jpg - Entire Board http://4gantennashop.com/netgear/2.jpg - 2.4 Ghz wifi card, did not affect the 5Ghz AC when I removed the connectors http://4gantennashop.com/netgear/3.jpg - Main Board http://4gantennashop.com/netgear/4.jpg - 4G Card Top, when i disconnec
  14. The SIM >> SIMGLT207R is a game changer!! I am testing a very interesting idea using the 6100D and MIFI SIM card. I will keep you guys posted!
  15. Just an FYI off an MVNO site: Sprint recently confirmed that it plans to decommission the WiMAX network on November 6, 2015 (next year) and transition it to Sprint's 4G LTE network.
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