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  1. Loved Sprint (saved my butt since only service in my area - Canal Winchester/Pickerington) but it is time to say goodbye since Time Warner just came through my neighborhood (low-density area with no other sources of internet except satellite). It was a great ride, but now must get rid of all my equipment. Will part VERY reasonably: Sprint Hotspot and Soho Surf router available. PVT me if interested
  2. B41 .... is that what I should be using?
  3. I live on Waterloo Road and I am about 1 mile south of the SPRINT tower that serves this area. That tower is across the street from KINGY'S PIZZA. Typically, I get 10 to 15 mb downloads and about the same for uploads. However, recently, I have experienced several episodes where I have received downloads/uploads over 20 mb. These speeds do not usually last that long, an hour or so. Is this reflective of possible testing or something. Just has happened in the last week or so (that I have noticed).
  4. I live on Waterloo Road and Time-Warner's subcontractors are putting in the fiber optic lines in this area. Waterloo Road runs north and south so when you ask "on your south" not sure what you mean. Of course, there are about 6 streets in the Canal Winchester area that have Waterloo in their name, i.e.. Waterloo Road, Waterloo Street, Waterloo Court, etc. I suspect you mean Waterloo Street which is one of the 2 main streets in Canal Winchester with High Street and Waterloo Street being the center of town. The old cable system we had in this area was INSIGHT COMMUNICATION. That system w
  5. Sorry to be so ignorant, but when people talk about you need to have the newest devices that are CA capable, does that include the Zing Hotspot?
  6. Did a Speedtest today using ATT's website Speedtest (Ookla provided software). My tower is on Basil-Western Road (across from Kingy's Pizza (near the S.R. 33 and Hill-Diley Road Exit). 2 Miles from the Tower.
  7. Interesting story online from USAToday.... 4G me not: WiMax isn't LTE and is going away at Sprint resellers CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY
  8. Sprint announces its LTE network is nearly complete http://www.betawired.com/sprint-announces-its-lte-network-is-nearly-complete/1420583/
  9. When I first received my Zing Hotspot, it was set on AUTO meaning it would pick up an available signal, i.e. B25, B26 or B41. However I learned I could go in and specify the order, by channel, I could connect, so I turned off AUTO and selected the channel to connect (if available) in this order B41, B26 and then B25. I wanted to experiment because someone told me they got 35mb download on the same tower I am connecting to... but I can't remember how I made the changes to my Hotspot. I just spent the last 20 minutes going through every screen and setting and for the life of me can't figur
  10. The Sprint Tower serving me is located on Basil-Western Road in Canal Winchester. I am receiving B41 signal. I have my hotspot set to receive channels in this order B41, B26, B25. Did these 3 speedtests within 5 minutes of each other... Any thoughts? Should I let it choose the channel automatically? I have my hotspot tethered to a Pepwave Router. I took these readings within minutes of each other.
  11. How many customers can a typical cell tower handle at one time?
  12. ???? In greater Columbus? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. You can say that again! LOL. He posted the previous message twice. One got deleted!
  14. Speedtest on Tower located on 9793 Basil Western Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110. IPAD AIR and Sprint Zing Hotspot utilized for test purposes. Across from Kingy's Pizza. TOOK TODAY - IF YOU ARE IN COLUMBUS AREA - YOU KNOW IT IS RAINING STEADILY! August 31, 2014
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