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  1. verizon is not fairing well, speeds are sub 10mbps, in lima very "certain" places can get up to about 60Mbps but thats with line of sight of the tower itself, verizon has been hit hard because they got complacent and now they are paying for it.
  2. i switched to red but was wondering if there were any updates in the lima area? B26 or B41 being added, id like to come back to sprint some day but we need some improvements here first before im convinced to come back,
  3. with the weird aspect ratio when viewing 16:9 content on the regular S8 you only get like 5.1 inches of real screen use, its around 5.5 on the S8+, i was reading a post on reddit where they said samsung said that the new aspect ratio was the future and more content would be using it, i told him to stuff it, its not happening for like 4+ years at least.
  4. What is it exactly? and will regular consumers get to take advantage of this or is it for something else? ive seen this news all over but no where do they explain what it is what what its for.
  5. so ATT now offers unlimited with no strings attached, for $100/mo and no tethering, yeah no not even slightly interested.
  6. ive been stalking the verizon reddit and something i noticed is all the people talking smack about T-Mo, they hardly say anything about sprint but man, looks like T-mo subs were just there for the unlimited data and now that verizon has unlimited data all these people are switching and saying stuff like "yeah T-Mo had great speeds but worse coverage than sprint" stuff like that, guess jon better start aggressively building his network rather than just converting current towers because they are hemorrhaging subs.
  7. I would edit it, but its to late, when i had posted there was little info on how the plan was and i thought it was going to be $80 for the plan and $20 for the line fee. I just wish that the 15% off applied to the whole bill and not just the plan itself, then it would be a really good deal.
  8. dunno, i didnt see any mention of it in the video or one press release on their website, i was considering it till i saw its more than $100/mo before even buying a phone, however they did say if you had 4 lines it would somehow be cheaper, i dont use verizon but my guess is they knock off like so much per line so the first line is still $80 but the 4th line is $45, sort of like the promos sprint used to do.
  9. i didnt see a topic about this hope its ok! and pretty much copying sprint and t-mo de-prioritizeation after 22GB and 10GB mobile hotspot with 3G speeds afterwords $80/Mo but verizon charges $20 a line fee so you are looking at well over $100/mo before even buying a phone. If you really need to have unlimited then its one expensive way to go! http://www.verizon.com/about/news/get-unlimited-data-network-you-deserve-verizon
  10. looks to me like the phones were each testing on different servers. EDIT: yeah every single phone was testing to a different server, the test is invalid as hell.
  11. i dunno man, this seems pretty wishy washy, this is using the sprint network as a home broadband connection and if anyone makes a 3xCA modem the home user would be able to pull like what? 300Mbps? if it were me id be downloading and streaming everything i could and it would make the user experience for sprint users very bad on that tower. Either way it seems like network abuse and these companys that actually own the spectrum know exactly what they are doing, lease spectrum to sprint, demand use of all of their network or sprint doesn't get to use it, there have already been several topics in the past about these companies using this to re-sell internet service and its essentially a huge burdon on sprints network.
  12. if everyone is ok with using these modems on sprints network then everyone should be ok with me burning 200+ gigs off my phone with my rooted hotspot.
  13. i dont actually need to look at my engineering screen, i use a note 3 and it only supports B25, i have not upgraded yet because i need SVLTE despite people at sprint and here on S4GRU saying its not necessary or they would have implemented it already to modern phones. these speeds are great though, easily compete with red and blue (and beat them sometimes) when you have a good signal.
  14. small update, Lima ohio now has 10x10 B25 LTE running, still no B26 or B41 up as far as i can see. how do i know? the 40 down and 20 up i got at iHop
  15. im on the old my way ED1500 plans with unlimited data, and because im not upgrading my contract i wont be de prioritized after 22GB of data (im on 3G 90% of the time so that will never happen tho) Best bet is try to get on an older unlimited plan, these new ones have to many stipulations and expenses.
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