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  1. It's also live in Portland (OR). I pick it up on my phone very frequently, and seemingly more and more B41 all the time.
  2. Free international roaming and learning about WiFi calling the same day, say it isn't so!
  3. I had B26/41 in downtown PDX this week. B41 at the corner of Jefferson and SW 10th, and B26 in the basement of PSU's Engineering Building. B25 has been running a bit better for me as well which is of course nice too.
  4. We've used these at work since at least 2009, our mobile techs sometimes require them for access to a customers system, most don't require them but a few do.
  5. I've been using it on my iPad since I got my invite last week. It worked great for the first few days but since they opened it up to people without invites I've had constant problems with it needing to buffer. I have a gigabit fiber connection and everything else works fine when it starts having problems so I can only assume they're getting overloaded. Hopefully they fix it soon as I definitely like where it is going.
  6. Does that mean you can help me with my discrete structures homework? On a serious note, I was on an ASL when I first moved my line off my parents Nextel account and on to my own. They automatically took it off after 12 months and now everytime I visit the store in downtown Portland I get the same rep who comments that he's never seen an account that can have so many additional lines added. But they didn't charge for the "service" which is not OK as far as I'm concerned. I understand wanting to restrict how much someone owes you, much like a credit card, but I would think that would only alienate customers who perhaps aren't that loyal (overall) anyways. Can customers get EasyPay devices on prepaid? Or with an ASL?
  7. And T-Mobile is still having problems, even this morning. John's been awfully quiet on Twitter today. Can talk the talk but not walk the walk. I got my regular 6 ordered (64GB, Silver) via Sprint.com, but I was pretty upset I couldn't order it through Apple because my plan wasn't supported on the Apple online store.
  8. I wonder if we'll see any updates to the international data packs. I love Sprint but they definitely are behind the pack on this.
  9. I'm pretty sure they did the Clearwire site on top of the Science Building 1 at PSU (1025 SW Mill) as well, they were working on it a few weeks back and now there is two types of antennas mounted (WiMax and the new ones). As far as I can tell Clearwire appears to be the only carrier on that building. AT&T is on Blumel Hall next door. I'm going to try and get some pics to confirm.
  10. While I don't necessarily disagree with your statement that those are normal smart phone activities I think that is fairly subjective. Furthermore, none of the carriers market LTE as only for those purposes. They encourage people to download apps and other content which arguably do require faster speeds. And I can guarantee Sprint and T-Mobile will be pushing this more than the others given their unlimited data plans.
  11. Thanks! I originally got the T-Mo version because I was visiting home and wanted to try T-Mo's service in the area, on faux G I got about 1 mbps down. I ended up picking up an AT&T card because the nearest Sprint store was 40 miles away. I'm going to stop at the store here in downtown Portland and see. A friend of mine that works for Apple told me the Apple store will give me one as well. Either way, it'll be nice to have all 3 carriers as an option. -Charlie
  12. Hey everyone, I just got a new iPad mini with Retina display (WiFi + Cellular variant). I went a head and got the T-Mobile version so I could get the free monthly data, plus I was enticed by international roaming being included in their packages. I know the iPad is not a locked device, and in the case of the latest iPad models (Air and Mini) there is only one model for all carriers, previously there was a different model for the CDMA carriers. I've picked up an AT&T SIM card to use when needed, but I was curious if anyone knew where I could get a Sprint SIM? Are they carried by corporate stores? I know the activation process will be a bit different since this happens over CDMA but first things first I need a SIM. Thanks, Charlie
  13. I had noticed the same thing in Kzoo around Western, once they came back it slowed to a crawl as well. Once penetration gets better, service should as well, of course.
  14. I was having this problem in West Michigan while they did the 3G acceptances. Once they were complete LTE went back to normal. Not sure if they are related, but I have a feeling they may be.
  15. My service was doing the same all last week, and LTE was unusable as well. But I also noticed that all of the sites in my county and the neighboring county that didn't already have LTE service now have 3G upgrades as well, as do the LTE towers.
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