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  1. All phones don't have VoLTE still. My G7 doesn't have it. So that why I ask. I also know the S9 doesn't have it yet.
  2. I wonder if VoLTE will be active since it will have Pie on it
  3. Yea we have here in STL but I don't have it on my phone. I want to get the V50 when it comes out but worried that it will long than my G7 to get it. Stuck in between a rock and hard place!!!
  4. That's what I thought. I was surprised to be on 3G in my room. I saw towers everywhere. I think I saw a M-MIMO right by LGA also. I was on a Shuttle bus so didn't have time to confirm
  5. I was in NYC this past weekend and my hotel had shitty service. I was on the 7th floor 1 block east of the Garden. Was no 3G the entire time in my hotel room. I think I had better service in the Garden Friday then my room
  6. Really curious if it is Sprint or LG that is the hold up on VoLTE for the G7!
  7. There are a bunch in the Missouri Market that still needs to be converted. I've only found a few that have been converted but not many
  8. There a lot of permits I'm seeing on the St. Louis County website. Keep your eyes open for M-MIMOs. Be nice to hopefully be in the second round of 5G.
  9. Did you read the comments on the article? The last comment has a reply on it that made me chuckle
  10. That would be nice to 1 Up ATT. My wife has the S8 and has VoLTE and I get kind of jealous but I don't care for Samsung phones.
  11. All the ones in the MO Market are the same way now. Been like that for over a month here.
  12. So confirmed the sites here in STL that area reading Sprint B41 that use to be Clear sites are still Clear sites. They only changed the site name. I have however confirmed two Clear sites that have been converted to Sprint B41
  13. Ok. I'll stop today on the way home. I pass a few of them so I will try to get several pictures.
  14. So here is one of the New Clear GCIs since changing
  15. Let me get your some pictures first. I think they might've just change the GCIs and still no LTE 1900 or LTE800. I'll also export my log too.
  16. So the thing about that is when you see the GCI in SC. It still says Clearwire. I will have to get pictures from one of the sites. And it is also all of our sites here. So I doubt we are that far along. But I could be wrong
  17. In the Missouri Market I have notice that the GCI for Clear towers have changed within the last month or so. Is this a part of this process?
  18. While this is all good. They need to work with Sprint on getting VoLTE on phones like the G7thinq and V40.
  19. stlman314

    LG G7 ThinQ

    Mine is in a case as well and the back of mine cracked. Out of all the times my phone has dropped not being in the a case and it cracks in a case. Mind blown
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