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  1. Actually had a T-Mobile store close that was near a Sprint store and they rebranded the Sprint store
  2. I am Samsung but using Android 10. Like mdob it was working fine then it just started acting weird
  3. Ok. Was curious. I know I have installed a theme and not sure if that caused the issue. Just put a different on and will test later
  4. Hey are you using a theme from Samsung?
  5. In STL Sprint and T-Mobile are the only two using these antennas that I've observed
  6. I'm having the same issue and I'm not beta. I sent message in main SCP room
  7. Mike, SCP has been crashing on my the last few days. I've have been sending crash reports via Google not sure if you get those. Going to try and post screenshot
  8. So with the band selector I found that sometimes I had to do it twice and in some cases even toggle airplane mode before it actually happened.
  9. I have a S8 here in STL. They haven't kicked it over to T-Mobile here yet. Only a matter of time. Thankfully this is a spare phone. I have a V60 for my primary.
  10. I can see that I'm connected but I haven't came across any 5G standalone to verify. However in the NR Engineering screen I get no information at all. Says unknown. However my wife has the Samsung A71 5G and as far as I know it hasn't had 5G standalone either
  11. Cool. I'll have to try that by my site. I think they have been doing work in our area cause 5G was giving me too many problems yesterday. And not in just one area. I drive Uber/Lyft on the side and was having issues where I was forced to just turn 5G off yesterday until I finish driving.
  12. That's around the same area my wife saw it. Like I said she didn't connect to it yesterday. I couldn't connect to the one my phone hit the other day. That was at Manchester and Vandeventer area.
  13. Was it near the Schnucks on Wentzville Parkway? If so my wife works out there and she connected to it on Friday but couldn't get a connection yesterday.
  14. Thanks Mike. I just read through the forum. My fear is with the LG V60 not reporting n41 or n71 in the NR Engineering screen that SCP won't report it for me. LG is really starting to piss me off.
  15. Think of B71 like B26 but better personally. I can be in the basement of my home on B71 and still pull 30+ down. The closest tower is about almost a mile away.
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