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  1. SCP has been crashing like crazy for me. Is it possible my DB could be cause issues? Was doing it on my S20+ and now doing it on my S21 Ultra as well.
  2. Download the Samsung Band Selector App from the Play Store. You can force your phone to connect to bands available in your area.
  3. Yea that team is legit. I had to use them when I was having issues with my phone connecting to n41 and was getting no help from support. They ended up sending me out a brand new S20+
  4. Found another fully converted Sprint standalone site in STL. It is still broadcasting B25 but not G Block
  5. I found 2 here in the STL market. However neither of them have been turned on yet.
  6. I had full bars but no LTE symbol. Could do anything. So maybe still work in progress.
  7. I was in Fayette Missouri this weekend and my phone roamed on ATT but I had no data at all. Thankfully the stadium had Wi-Fi or I would've been dead in the water.
  8. Thanks Mike. I try to send in all my crash reports just in case something is different in the reason it crashes.
  9. Morning Mike, I sent you a couple crash reports via Google Play yesterday. I'm running the latest version of SCP. Sometimes when opening SCP it opens to a grey screen then eventually will start. Other times it crash.
  10. They just did a rip and replace on a tower in area in STL. I'll get pictures tomorrow
  11. Mike, SCP is crashing again. I verified that battery optimizing is turned off. It was good for a minute but started back crashing again this past week.
  12. Mike, As of lately SCP has been crashing on me. Not sure if it is sending the report to you and it isn't letting me send a report either. I have a S20+.
  13. I'll be in Overland Park this weekend. I'll definitely keep my eyes open
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