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  1. Thanks Mike. I try to send in all my crash reports just in case something is different in the reason it crashes.
  2. Morning Mike, I sent you a couple crash reports via Google Play yesterday. I'm running the latest version of SCP. Sometimes when opening SCP it opens to a grey screen then eventually will start. Other times it crash.
  3. They just did a rip and replace on a tower in area in STL. I'll get pictures tomorrow
  4. Mike, SCP is crashing again. I verified that battery optimizing is turned off. It was good for a minute but started back crashing again this past week.
  5. Mike, As of lately SCP has been crashing on me. Not sure if it is sending the report to you and it isn't letting me send a report either. I have a S20+.
  6. I'll be in Overland Park this weekend. I'll definitely keep my eyes open
  7. I do know that with the S20 Ultra you will get SA 5G. I know someone with it and it has helped in some areas for him where service is slow sometimes
  8. If the DAS is anything like my job you will be fine. I have the S20+ and when I'm in the tunnels under the building my phone flawlessly switches over B25 with no issues.
  9. If you wish to do the TNX you have to change your plan. I'm in the same boat. I have the ED15 as well and for me to get the TNX I have to change plans. I just haven't made time to do it.
  10. Actually had a T-Mobile store close that was near a Sprint store and they rebranded the Sprint store
  11. I am Samsung but using Android 10. Like mdob it was working fine then it just started acting weird
  12. Ok. Was curious. I know I have installed a theme and not sure if that caused the issue. Just put a different on and will test later
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