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  1. Does anybody know why the LG V60 doesn't have NR enabled? I have my MSL Code and it still won't stay enabled. Reverts backs.
  2. Same here but they aren't selling the LG V60. Sucks. What's even worse is my V60 doesn't have NR On so not getting everything.
  3. Do you not want to order it through them?
  4. Only place I seen was in Sprint Store or online.
  5. Last Samsung I had was the S3. My wife has the S8 still but haven't upgraded her yet. Not even sure if I should wait or just get her a new phone non 5G
  6. Yea the V50 I feel was better than my previous LG phones for updates. However my market turned off 5G for me since we weren't officially launched. I don't want the S20 due to Samsung bloatware. The One Plus 8 is in the same boat with V60's resolution. So I'll just hold my phone till I feel there is a nice replacement
  7. I personally don't want the V60 anymore. The screen resolution isn't as good as the V50.
  8. Right. Didn't realize they were going to be moving that fast. Since my market wasn't officially 5G they turned it off for my phone and icon removed which the icon wasn't bad. I hated the icon anyway (Kind of like that Spark icon we use to have).
  9. T-Mobile or LG removed the VoLTE icon off of the V50. I actually thought it wasn't working so tested today and it's good. Anybody else have the icon removed?
  10. Jim, Let me know if you do this and how it works. My situation is similar except I have a V50 and don't want to go to S20. Debating doing the same thing.
  11. Enjoy it while it lasts. Once they're done with your market, it won't get 5G anymore. They haven't done KC yet either, but they will. So I need to visit the KC market to come get some of that sweetness again lol 😭
  12. Never said you didn't know the difference. In my market 5G is dead for the V50. Sorry if I made it sound otherwise.
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