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  1. In STL and still have 5G. Plus we are in the 80s today and tomorrow. Might drive down on Wednesday though 😛
  2. I wouldn't be surprised. Didn't see it selling anywhere else for a while.
  3. Thanks Mike. I'm one of those users being impacted. If you need anything let me know how I can help.
  4. The benefit is you can be on the phone and using data with true QOS unlike Calling Plus. I personally love it cause you can't MMS without it unless using WiFi Calling or the shitty Calling Plus.
  5. When I first got my V50 I had issues like you say where I had turned it off. But after I factory reset my phone I haven't had issues since. Could be a configuration issue with the phone itself.
  6. When I got my V50 it was crappy. It could be a fluke but after I started having issues with my phone and wiping the phone I haven't had issues. Every now and then I had the issue
  7. So since messing with it for a few hours it is an adjustment to the changes. Pros: In Split screen I use to have Signal Check selected for it to update the tower information. No longer have that issue with Waze selected on bottom Love the auto night mode option now (granted all apps don't utilize it I like it) Like the new layout of drop down pretty sure I'll find more Cons: Issue with Pandora and Google Music sounds like it is skipping. Has done this before on previous updates on other LG phones for me. Uninstalled Pandora still happening Split screen seems more difficult to activate/deactivate Still no hotspot button in the dropdown menu Neutral On the camera not sure I like the new selection of the three cameras Will update if finding more
  8. Issue fixed. But yes. I run Signal Check at top with Waze at the bottom
  9. One of the main features I used before this is gone unless I can't find it to turn it back. I can't do Multi-screen. I hold down the button when trying to half screen apps and it doesn't work. That right there is enough to mess with me. I use it for when driving Uber/Lyft for having both apps open to turn off one if I get a request. Also I run Signal Check and Waze at the same time and can't do that. Not happy about that.
  10. These two items alone I know have been my issues. Whe VoLTE first came to the V50 (out the box) I had to turn it off majority of the time because I had so many issues with it. However now it has since been so much better. However you still have phones like G6 and G7 that don't have VoLTE at all. Still sitting with Calling Plus. As far as texting part of it is the RCS is really delayed sometimes to where I will turn it off. Some people that aren't using it on other carriers would report not receiving my text either. Has it frustrations for sure but I'm hoping Sprint doesn't merge with T-Mobile
  11. Oh ok. I was curious cause I know mine does that in split screen if I don't have SC selected. Was just curious
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