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  1. Oh ok. I was curious cause I know mine does that in split screen if I don't have SC selected. Was just curious
  2. I've honestly never seen one in the wild other than mine. Always see Samsung and iPhones only
  3. I've notice mine can be slow to update sometimes. By any chance are you using split screen?
  4. Found 5G in a couple places the last few weeks. I have confirmed it on in Norfolk, VA and Tampa, FL.
  5. Has anyone else's V50 been running slow the last week or two? I've found I've had to reboot my phone a lot lately.
  6. Here in STL. I found one tower that gave me 414mb down. I haven't ran test as much as I should but that is cause I'm driving and that one time I wasn't driving.
  7. HD calling with Sprint has been around before VoLTE so my guess would be just that it is another Sprint user. Also can make HD calls with Verizon.
  8. I have some up to date information for St. Louis. Is there a way to submit to someone?
  9. Yea just checked the map. Not showing yet. I'm excited though. Pulled 293 down with the speed test
  10. Found this gem last night in the STL area. Found 5G on two towers. Pretty sure there is more.
  11. Does anybody have issues with VoLTE quality calls? I have the V50 and finding myself having to turn it off sometimes to make calls.
  12. Still room to grow. There are a few sites here that still lack B41. STL has been aggressively getting M-MIMO up. I have found off top of my head slightly over 10 I think. Probably even more I haven't found yet.
  13. stlman314

    LG G7 ThinQ

    Right. Very frustrating.
  14. Yea but i'm not leasing a phone through them. I rather wait till I can buy it from Best Buy and get the better deal
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