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  1. 2 hours ago, RedSpark said:

    Is HPUE limited to Qualcomm devices?

    Sprint's system optimizations on Qualcomm SOCs, specifically the current snap dragons  are the only ones doing it. Apple is busy slowing down 6's and 7's depending on the battery state unless you get the battery replace and we all know about Apple slowing down Qualcomm modems in there devices to equal speeds with Intel models. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, fizzicsguy said:

    I tried the self-enroll a couple of days ago and had no luck. Tried again last night and it worked without a hitch. I did nothing different at all.  Maybe availability was rolled out to accounts in phases? 

    I had to do the profile update after I selected it in my sprint account, then hit the hulu.com/sprint site, in which it saw it and I was up and running, took all of 5 minutes friday


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  3. 10 minutes ago, nexgencpu said:

    Did you log into your Sprint account and check services? As long as you have an unlimited account you should see it there. Once you add it, you just have to wait until you receive the text confirming the service was added. Then click the link in the text message and go from there.

    Actually, after you  check and confirm it in adding services and receive the email, you hit prl update on your phone before going to hulu.com/sprint, then just follow instructions


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  4. 5 minutes ago, gusherb said:

    It's really not like they can do anything different than TMO. TBH I want them to follow what TMO did as far as network improvement goes. What they've been doing has been different from TMO's strategy and it has failed left and right. People are not gonna let Sprint live things down for a long long time and that's just the way it's gonna be. Ultimately in the long run, rebranding with a new name will help this. 


    Can't do what T-Mobile did, 2 different types of networks. Plus Sprint did a total network rebuild, T-Mobile at first did add ons after getting money from AT&T and then start on partial rebuild.


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