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  1. 2 hours ago, RedSpark said:

    All this news about 5G is great, but I was on Amtrak yesterday for a day trip between Washington DC (Union Station) and Iselin, NJ (Metropark Station), and Sprint’s coverage while on the trip was atrocious.

    It repeatedly dropped to no 1x, 1x, 1 bar of LTE, or unusable LTE with more than one bar. (I have a fully updated iPhone XS and I reported the network issues where/when I could.)

    It makes me wonder if any of Sprint’s Network Team has tested/ridden the Amtrak Northeast Corridor and tried using their device(s). How can they expect anyone to get work done (or other personal usage) while on the trip with this level of network performance? Hopefully Sprint addresses this, because 5G only goes so far in acquiring new and keeping customers. Sprint needs to address these fundamentals.

    Darn did you ever think, that being in that metal can called a rail road car could have something to do with signal degredation. I travel constantly from DC to Newark and I get good results with my LG G7

  2. Just now, Brad The Beast said:

    There is potential here though that Sprint needs to capitalize on. Coverage is one of those. The other would be speed. Then they could say "hey, our 5G isn't quite as fast as Verizons but: ours is more reliable, we've got coverage that good enough to the point where you can drive around and hang onto it, and the coverage is good enough and fast enough to provide you a wireless home internet solution". But of course the last thing requires major backhaul upgrades. 

    That's where that HTC hub comes in

  3. 13 minutes ago, cyclone said:


    "We are giving customers great perks – including free pizza and discounted movie tickets – on their own schedule. This is our way of saying thanks for being a Sprint customer. At Sprint, we deliver."

    Nice little dig, with "on their own schedule", to T-Mobile Tuesdays

    Yes, I have the app on my phone, got the link in my email from sprint, app on both Google and Apple stores 

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