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  1. Agreed on all. I only wish they had come out with a 6 and a 6 mini simultaneously. I love the size, but I can see how it is just to big for many. That was always one of my gripes with Apple was that users had no choice. Now it seems almost as if the latest Android tablets are getting that way. The flagships all have big screens and then IF there is a mini version usually the hardware gets brought down some.
  2. Does the quick charge feature require a special cord? I have the charger block that came with my Nexus but I don't think it is the original USB cable that came with it. My Nexus seems to charge pretty fast but I don't see anything saying quick charge at all when plugged in. Under battery it says "Charging on AC" which it will also say with high amperage adapters. I saw a picture the other day of a nexus with a notification on it says that Quick charge was enabled so I am not sure if I am actually getting it or now.
  3. I believe you can swipe down with 2 fingers and it does the same things as swiping down twice.
  4. I thought they just went through all this redesign to make Hangouts the new one roof app for communications. Now I am confused by their strategy.
  5. I just requested two demo phones. Although I think Sprint will be very strong in the end, I may have to move for a bit. The service in the Northern VA area is just killing me lately. I have many of my users who are constantly getting pockets of no service. I was getting LTE before but now it seems I am in 3G more often then LTE. Hopefully in a year things are better again but I think my users patience has finally wore off. I have been saying it is getting better soon to them for too long.
  6. Did what I could. Things are getting a little tight these days.
  7. I would think Sprint is already headed down one specific path or the other as they are coordinating roaming among their RRP(I think that what they call the group) partners. I don't think it will matter what the Duo think at that point. Are you able to roam with some partners one way and others another way or is that too much to setup?
  8. Which you can't do on business lines.
  9. I have been having mixed results so far. I am in and around the LVCC and some of the hotels on the strip. I have pretty strong LTE signal and my hotspot has been excellent. My phone on the other hand seems good on LTE but the phone coverage has been the issue for me. I have had many calls that I am only getting every third word or so. Upon retrying the call it works great. In my hotel I am noticing really slow speeds and weak LTE/3G signal. I tried using the hotel internet but it seems like crap so I tried my hotspot. After having such good coverage on the ground I was surprised. I am guessing it is related to the downtilt of the antennas and being 30+ floors up it just does not work that well.
  10. I really like 8.1. There were a few glaring issues in 8 for me.
  11. Woohoo, I just saw the huge CDMA 800 updates in Vegas. Hopefully that means I have no voice issues when I get there in about a week.
  12. Actually I find the comparison interesting. I was looking at the new Moto X the other day as I am getting a little impatient waiting on the rumored new one. As I was going through the specs though, I kept saying same, same, same. So in reality it seemed the only thing the new Moto X was giving me as fancy colors and engraving. I think it is a nice phone but the specs seemed so similar it was not worth paying for an upgrade at the moment. Now had I not had the Nexus 5 yet, I might get the Moto X over it.
  13. I too just called sprint and they seemed to think I had 3 heads. I have received the update GV app but not the Hangouts update. I thought I would try the integration as i had it enabled once before as I thought the quality was sub par. I then tried going to the Google voice website to try it from there but it said my number was not eligible for integration. Apparently if you have a business account you can't enable integration.
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