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  1. Agreed on all. I only wish they had come out with a 6 and a 6 mini simultaneously. I love the size, but I can see how it is just to big for many. That was always one of my gripes with Apple was that users had no choice. Now it seems almost as if the latest Android tablets are getting that way. The flagships all have big screens and then IF there is a mini version usually the hardware gets brought down some.
  2. I have been having mixed results so far. I am in and around the LVCC and some of the hotels on the strip. I have pretty strong LTE signal and my hotspot has been excellent. My phone on the other hand seems good on LTE but the phone coverage has been the issue for me. I have had many calls that I am only getting every third word or so. Upon retrying the call it works great. In my hotel I am noticing really slow speeds and weak LTE/3G signal. I tried using the hotel internet but it seems like crap so I tried my hotspot. After having such good coverage on the ground I was surprised. I
  3. Woohoo, I just saw the huge CDMA 800 updates in Vegas. Hopefully that means I have no voice issues when I get there in about a week.
  4. Wow, I am not sure how I missed the announcement. I was just looking at the map on Monday and remember being bummed by the little progress in actual DC of late. I have a lot of my users in DC and was hoping for more 800 voice coverage by now. The 1900 signal just does not penetrate those old buildings very well.
  5. Washington DC market would disagree with him on being done with NV as it has yet to launch.
  6. That is great to hear about the zoo as I am about to make a trip there. My family went there last year about this time and the signal was horrible. I think my phone's radio kept trying to find a better tower because my battery died in about 2-3 hours which normally lasts the whole day.
  7. I was able to get it to work from a N5 (4.4) to a Netgear Push2TV adapter. It did not connect the first time but then connected on the second time. The performance was a little choppy for video but stills seemed to work good.
  8. One thing to try is Qualcomm's battery guru app also. I have it on my phone and went 19 hours. The phone had about 5% charge when I plugged it back in. There was a mixture of gaming/phone and many emails. I would consider it a moderate day of usage so I was pretty impressed.
  9. I just got my first flash of 1x 800 in Old town Alexandria, VA. All of my bars went away and then it said 800 and stayed for a minute. Then the bars disappeared again and was on regular signal.
  10. Yeah, even compared to my S4 the battery does seem to be mediocre at best like Robert was saying also. I have been off charger for 4 hours and am at 49%. This will be my second full day with the device. I seemed to get much better performance yesterday so maybe it is some app I installed.
  11. It would have to drop the LTE connection while on the voice call since the phone does not support SVDO or SVLTE.
  12. Wouldn't that always be the case? These phones don't support SVDO or SVLTE so you can't have voice connection while also having LTE.
  13. Yes, mine worked fine and gets LTE. 32GB Black. I used my SIM from and S4. I am getting very nice speeds with it also, I am not sure which band I am on yet.
  14. I was able to activate my 32GB black device using the SIM from my S4. I put the SIM in and called customer service, gave them my id minus the last digit. They updated my settings. I had to go update PRL and then update profile and everything worked great.
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