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  1. Officially a member of the P5 family now. Anyone requested to revert back from ROAMAHOME? It seems it's inclusion on my device/line is automatic, but I have Sprint 5g at my home, and my Sprint LTE service (historically speaking) has been better than the TMO LTE service. Even with that said, TMO 5g is strong, and I've had no issues with TMO LTE, but just am guessing Sprint is better, and frankly, I'd prefer the ability to do some light testing. Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Also @mikejeep from your above post - I did some reading from industry analyst(s) who provided cost estimates of various mobile SoCs over the years. If those are correct, Qualcomm's price for the 865 is approximately $120-$130. This is still not including the required 5g modem. He pegs the 765G at $40. Looking backward to the the unit cost of the SoC in the P3 & P4 ($ ranging in the forties and fifties) indicate that, at $40 , Google's selection of the 765G represents a very similarly priced part to their previous models. This is obviously only one part in the whole bill of materials amidst the entire development and cycle of a phone (engineering, parts (BoM), assembly, marketing, etc)
  3. Thanks @mikejeep With the above in mind, the lack of support for mmWave or even "mmWave coming soon" for Sprint/Tmobile in the cells below is confusing. It is even more confusing when you look at the cell for Fi... "mmWave coming soon". I must be missing something big because there are discrepancies here
  4. in 4 later. Google official documentation does not mention support for mmwave on TMO
  5. Is there a consensus opinion (or even objective proof) about RF performance between the P3XL and P4XL, w/r/t holding or picking up weak signals?
  6. That's a good point about usability. I guess I was testing more so for proof of concept than "will my experience be better" b/c you're right....not much gained from normal phone usage for everyday tasks if you are at 80+ (or 140). Practically, average speeds on LTE backhaul across the home are between 20-80 with an average in the 30s I reckon. Like I replied above, I'll do some further testing - just because I'm curious, not because I'm troubleshooting per se - and add here.
  7. I'll try to do this week and report anything of note. I expect speeds in between ethernet and LTE
  8. Interesting, Thanks for sharing @ingenium We just moved and the new house merits a MagicBox. I have the Gold model. We have gigabit (true 1000up and 1000down) ethernet and also observed a maximum DL speed of approx 60-70mbps IIRC w/ ethernet backhaul on the MagicBox Gold. Shame because I see regular DL speeds of 100-140mbps on Sprint LTE in the DFW area, including within .5 miles of my home. It was nice to have a fallback connection of 100+mbps at our old address on Sprint LTE. I have since left the MagicBox on LTE backhaul and seem to get about 40mbps max in limited testing. ...You would think the MagicBox could output a higher speed when fed with 1gbps wired connection. edit: I could also try wifi backhaul, but I would guess it provides an even worse experience compared to ideal situation ethernet backhaul should provide.
  9. just requested a Magic Box and was told I was receiving Gold. After setting my parents up with the original AirRave, I hope its a better experience than that was. I watched a setup vid on YouTube and it seems straightforward and much simpler then before.
  10. Thanks for the data point about your experience with the 4XL. I read this article which came out over the weekend and toggled it manually (though it could be broken by Google at any point, seems like an official/unsupported means of obtaining RCS) https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/10/26/screw-your-carrier-heres-how-to-enable-rcs-in-the-messages-app-yourself-right-now/ After I followed those steps, it worked for me. With that few people have it.
  11. Is anyone else having trouble w/ RCS on the 3XL? I activated my 3XL on sprint via eSim about 4 days ago, and the prompt within android messages is not showing as capable. I have VoLTE and Wifi calling enabled, but I don't think RCS should be affected by those....
  12. It could, but as of that post, it was not specifically listed in FAQ part of the linked page. It could also be capable, but not activated at launch. Who knows. RCS confirmed per this link - https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/18/20920928/pixel-4-rcs-messaging-no-support-verizon-tmobile
  13. VoLTE is confirmed per sprint support https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/services/volte.html WiFi calling is not https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/services/faqs-about-wi-fi-calling.html We can assume RCS is "enabled" I believe, at least between another eligible Sprint phone.
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