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  1. I went to the state fair twice and picked up 4G maybe once, briefly and it was like one bar. I had to force roam most of the time I was there just so I could use my phone. It seems like Cary/Raleigh hasn't had any work done in a while. There's like two 4G towers in cary and it's been like that for months. I work close to downtown and get close to full 3G but it's near useless cause it's so slow. My last speed test was .14 mb. And I barely even get service at my gym. Getting real fed up with Sprint...
  2. Yep I'm more than happy with that. I don't know if that's coming from the tower off dillard/Tryon or if it's a different tower.
  3. I picked up LTE at crossroads today. It was a weak signal, - 115 db, but I still got 4.5mb down. This was in the dicks parking lot specifically. I occasionally work right off Cary parkway and kildaire, and my phone likes to switch between 3g and 4g all day. I don't think the new back haul is hooked up but it's still a lot faster than 3g. But it's constantly switching, every 5 minutes or so. I've yet to pick it up off Jones franklin and 440 but I haven't been by there in a few days so I'll check next time.
  4. Lol, what does? Wake Tech is in a cell dead zone pretty much. Especially in the engineering and automotive buildings. Even with ATT I barely got service in the shop.
  5. That's great to hear but I'm literally in that exact spot and I'm not picking it up. But I hope it gets turned on full time soon!
  6. My friend texted me earlier tonight and said he picked up LTE at Chapel Hill Rd and Maynard Rd in Cary. Haven't been there to test it yet but I trust his word.
  7. An Optimus G, consistent 20+ mbps download, 7-8 mbps upload. Also, I tested NV 3G in apex off Salem St and hunter street in apex, got 1800 kbps down which is the fastest I've ever seen on Sprint 3G.
  8. I have been getting 4G off old apex road in between Maynard and West chatam. I stay connected every time I go to my girls apartment. Speed tested around 25 mbps. I also connected to 4G at Los Tres at kildair and Maynard, but only for a few seconds then it went away.
  9. nova46

    LG Optimus G

    Jelly Bean has been released, or at least leaked, in Korea. Devs have it but there's not much they can do until LG releases source which should be soon. Last I heard the OTA was supposed to be Dec/Jan.
  10. nova46

    LG Optimus G

    Do what sprint told you too? I don't see the problem here.
  11. Which is why I bought the phone off contract... This is LG's first real flagship competitor and I wanted to try it out. Maybe this is where LG turns around. If not, I'll get rid of it and try something else. I'll agree with you about low end phone nes for Samsung and HTC. But it's the flagships that carry your brand image and that's where HTC is failing miserably. The One X is actually a really great phone but they didn't go about it as they should have. But I'm just sick of HTC, I've been with them too long. I had the Evo 4G and the 3D. Sense used to be a huge plus, now it's a con. It's old and stale. And they still can't seem to figure out that on a 4.3" screen and above, the top of the phone is not the right place to put the power button. It's a pain in the ass. LG and Samsung have some sense to them and put it on the side. Also I wanted to stay with Sprint and the Evo LTE is the tackiest looking phone I've ever seen so that was out of the question. LG has really impressed me with the Optimus G and HTC just doesn't do that for me anymore.
  12. I'm not going to consider HTC again until they consolidate their devices. They keep spitting out phones every two months or so. You have the One X, then a few months later the One X+, then a month or two later the Droid DNA, and in January/Feb they'll have something else. And then there's all the lower end One variants that I can't even keep track of. With so many phones its no wonder they suck at updating software. I think Samsung has the best strategy here. Bring all you've got to the table with one flagship, advertise the hell out of it, and focus on keeping the software up to date without having to worry about ten different variants of it. Then a year later, bring out a new one. I have the Optimus G now and I'm curious to see how LG handles updates. I'm skeptical which is why I bought it off contract so if they decide to abandon it then I can jump to another phone without paying out the ass.
  13. I would assume that covers most of the surrounding towns as well. Like Morrisville, fuquay, Holly Springs, etc. I'm mostly concerned about Cary as that's where I am most of the time.
  14. lol. Not sure how they got their data but I'm never buying an HTC device again because of their update schedule. They drag their feet for months releasing source code and waiting for ICS on my 3D was ridiculous. The thunderbolt is supposed to receive ICS and it still hasn't got it. That phone is what, over two years old?
  15. nova46

    LG Optimus G

    Really? Robert told me that it uses 1X signal to display bars just like all the other phones.
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