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  1. http://www.cnbc.com/id/101711520 Check this out. Very interesting. Perhaps he plans some improvements here too?
  2. I am not being arrogant. Facts should be vetted before a press release is made. It's that simple.
  3. "Lt. Grady said Verizon, Nextel and Sprint are down but AT&T is working." Second story, emphasis added. Stupidity.
  4. Primarily a few Nextel sites in remote areas, on which Sprint and Nextel were the only carriers. As I said, I know they sold off whatever they did own that others would buy a number of years ago.
  5. You do occasionally come across a structure registered in their name. They used to own some towers, as did Nextel, but most of those that would be useful to others have been sold to leasing companies.
  6. I need to get you some Michigan pictures. Some are pretty odd.
  7. It can be. It works fine as long as the link has sufficient capacity. You can easily do 1Gbps full duplex at the distances required for 2500MHz site spacing. The issue comes in with how many hops are required between points where the network is loaded. Ex. 3 sectors TD-LTE will require about 450 Mbps in a perfect world, about 250 in a more real world. This means that with a 1.5 Gbps connection, four or five microwave hops would be a practical maximum.
  8. Then I would expect it to be named "data saver" rather than "download booster" in order to drive that point. I'm not sure how much of a gain it would be in my case. I might use up all of .5 - 2MB of Sprint data doing an order which takes 5-10 minutes. This seems clearly targeted to the heavier user. The way it looks like it works is to send as much data as possible through each connection in order to get the highest possible download speeds.
  9. These images should be cut in half sizewise now. On this machine I cannot see the difference due to it still scaling with this low resolution display (1024x768 on old Thinkpad X61 tablet). Please let me know if it made any difference. I used HTML code to shrink them in half both ways.
  10. Ok interesting. I will work out a way to fix. On mine it scales. didn't know it didn't on all.
  11. Finally someone asks about the cow reference as an indicator of exasperation. Anyway, I don't see how the image size matters. Additionally, I do not see that option in the app.
  12. Moo. I just upload to imgur and post. Anyway, it happens regardless of test server, though I didn't want to just bang away at the speed tests. This is happening all over this area. Great speeds, crap pings. Here's a few days ago: While this is what I used to see:
  13. My latencies (ping times) have gone through the roof in the last few months. Any ideas? Any of you have this lately? These are just now: EDIT: Resized images via HTML.
  14. This is a stupid idea. Using the network while in range of wifi will place unnecessary load on the network. I turn on my wifi as soon as I have data intensive things to do if possible. I usually don't use it because my Sprint connection tends to be more consistent than public wifi around here and most of what I do is not data intensive, but rather small things like parts orders, electronic mail, etc. I just hope the providers have a way to turn it off from their end when the user is connected to an overloaded site/carrier.
  15. My observation is a little less scientific. Frequency of dropped calls, call delivery failures (straight to voice mail).
  16. Not presently. Eventually I will pull everything out of the boxes, set up my tower, renew my license, and get back on the air. I just haven't gotten around to it, way too busy since I have been here. Just listening at the moment, Drake R8B with a long wire from end to end of the attic of my ranch style house (102'). Amazing what it picks up, really.
  17. I make parts orders all the time over the phone while looking at things online. This means I will need a mobile hotspot or something now.
  18. Yes and no. It works now on SVLTE and SVDO devices. It would still work on a tri band device at least as well as today, and probably better because they could be on different bands. There are other options, too. They could require the data and voice be on different bands, say use 2500MHz or throttled 800MHz LTE while on a PCS voice call. Be careful with what you're calling in-band. It is very easy to tune the selectivity of a radio. We do it all the time on HF (Shortwave) radio on extremely closely spaced, very narrow, often SSB frequencies, running many times more power than a phone does. I know that there are plenty of issues there still, but it is doable. Either way, we have this crosstalk potential on SVwhatever devices now, but tri-band devices have yet to show any significant signal performance improvements. I can tell you from experience that on PCS, the Nexus 5 doesn't have any improvement that I can see when compared to a Galaxy S 3 or Note 2. I know because I have a friend with one and it is no better than mine.
  19. They have had some success, not in the professional or enthusiast groups, but with the rich idiot group. the cameras have been pretty well universally can buy professionals, reviewers, and photography equipment experts. For example, the Stellar is a good good camera because the RX100 is a good camera - for its $600 price that is. It isn't a good camera for $2000.
  20. Anyone seen those new Hasselblad digitals that are re-bodied Sony models with slightly tweaked firmware? The $7000 Lunar aka NEX7 and the $2000 Stellar aka RX100 are the first two if the series. Additionally, Hasselblad doesn't do itself any favor when it talks about the premium feel and build quality, rather than great performance. Now, both of those are good cameras in either Sony or Hasselblad trim, but they are in no way worth the Hasselblad prices ranging from 3 to 5 times that of the Sony model from which it is derived.
  21. Filtering is a concern, but somewhat lessened on modern hardware with essentially software defined radios. Selectivity As hugely better than it was even just a couple years ago. additionally, the benefit of improved antenna tuning should easily overcome any reduction in performance from additional filtering. Further, SVLTE between bands would not interfere. It should be possible in not now then soon to use a true multi mode multi frequency radio. The RRUs use them.
  22. It's never a space issue, especially with how much larger phones are getting. It would only be a space issue if they had to put a dozen antennas in it. Anyway, having additional antennas is good for reception. Sprint's BS line about improving range and cell's edge performance is a complete crock to anyone who understands radio. They posed is as if a single larger antenna is less effective than several smaller, which isn't true. Different bands require different antenna tuning. Varying lengths and shapes of elements is much more effective than electronic tuning, even though some electronic lengthening (adding inductance) will still be required for 800MHz in any instance. Either way, I would rather see separate antennas for voice and date even if they both require electronic tuning. Losing the feature is a HUGE headache for me. I also do not believe the battery life difference to be that significant, since you could still user CSFB with it in so-enabled areas. Just put the CDMA 1x radio to sleep and wake it up when signaled over LTE that you have a call. It wouldn't be any different than changing one radio to another band or technology. For greater on-call battery savings, make the simultaneous voice/data a selectable option so it would put the data radio to sleep while on a call if it was disabled. Being that I am in Eastern Michigan and not a particularly heavy data user, there is very little benefit to me in having anything but a single band device, so I will just ride that one as far as I can for now. I use data for professional purposes, so while additional speed is nice, it isn't extremely important. I used to do ordering over the old Sprint network, even in the middle of nowhere when I practically had to climb to the roof somewhere to grab 1x, or god forbid Verizon 1x roaming, and had a pretty easy time with it. Incidentally, I seriously believe that Verizon significantly degrades Sprint users' 1x roaming speeds. When I was up north a few months ago, I got WAY better speed on Sprint 1x on the absolute ragged edge of the cell where I had to be careful how I held my GS3, than when I was roaming on Verizon with 3-4 bars.
  23. I can't wait until they get their heads on straight and do it like the GS3 was. There's a 1x T/R path and a data T/R path. The data T/R path can be either LTE or EVDO. I don't get why the Note 2 isn't the same, it has a CDMA path and LTE path. Dumb because theoretically it could be on EVDO and LTE at the same time, even though the firmware would never allow it. There's no reason you can't have a multiband data side with the same arrangement of separate 1x.
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