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  1. http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/20/sk-telecom-lte-a-300-mbps/ Just something to think about while we are being gimped more and more with single radio, non SVDO, non SVLTE, crippled junk. I don't believe for a minute that a single radio with a single signal path will improve reception as Sprint claims, simply because the antenna tuning should be different between bands. I further do not believe the battery implications that they claim multiple radios to entail. These South Koreans obviously don't believe it either. Further, multi-band aggregation would assure a smooth handoff between bands, while Sprint's band to band handoff is nowhere near smooth. Sorry, just saw this today on Engadget and it reminded me to rant about a topic that has been on my mind for a long time.
  2. Yeah and they are running CDMA and GSM on it in Russia and GSM (I think) in some of the nordic regions, since the large scale retirement of NMT.
  3. Same here in MI lately on my Note II. Data seems to just hang up on EHRPD. It sometimes unhangs itself but not often. Works fine on EVDO A (by forcing CDMA mode) or on LTE. Incidentally, to reference a couple of posts up, on the radio level, the difference between EHRPD and EVDO is nothing. EHRPD sends data through the LTE ground network and DDCs instead of the MSC. This way, data goes through the same routing for both EVDO and LTE, allowing for better hand off and fewer lost sessions when travelling between them.
  4. Spark capable S4 is what I would consider a downgrade. My new note 2 is making me nuts with the number of places where I can't talk and use internet simultaneously. My GS3 was the best.
  5. Detoilet has a LOT of LTE coverage area with Sprint. Don't take this the wrong way though , it isn't the perfect network and is massively overloaded such as it is today. However, the geographic coverage is very good and once more than the about 15% of sites that are active with LTE, become active, the game will change in a most dramatic way. Then again, detoilet is detoilet is detoilet...
  6. Let me guess... in a Samsung market with Network Vision 3G? Edit: never mind. ohio is Samsung.
  7. If you got the update over the air, do not use Odin to go back to the old version. It will trip a flag in the KNOX bootloader and cause problems for later software updates or possibly a no boot or reboot loop condition.
  8. yes i have figured out that the speaker itself it not damaged. As for the phone misbehavior, it only happens on the new CDMA and not the old. i am more inclined to think it is a radio issue. Further, when this is happening, the device says it is unable to adjust sound while on a "wideband" call if i change anything but volume. It seems to have this same screwy sound no matter what output device it is connected to. The sound is like a hiss mixed with the audio signal that rapidly transitions between on and off. At lower volumes, it sounds like a blown speaker would, but at high volumes it does not. With the restoration of MC2 firmware, the hiss like problem no longer occurs. I instead have my ear blasted once again with no ability to turn the sound down. the only problem is that it was a trip to install the new firmware without getting that stupid new Samsung security thing with it. I do not want to go through that again until I know it will work right, plus I am getting OTA update notices again.
  9. I am starting to wonder now, actually. I just read a few complaints about the sound quality. I also just downloaded an app that allows playing audio files through the earpiece. It has no issue with music or talk files even at pretty high levels. I don't particularly want to take this thing apart either. Will reflash MC2 and find out.
  10. I have recently come across a new problem with my new phone. This only happens in areas that are on the new network for 3G, and only on calls displaying so 73. I find that I am completely unable to control the volume level of the earpiece speaker on my device. Whether it's all the way up or all the way down, the sound level is exactly the same. Speakerphone volume control functions normally. As soon as I'm outside of the new network, I'm back on the legacy 3G, my earpiece volume control functions normally. At first it was just a mild annoyance, and I'd solvde it by putting a piece of cloth isolator tape over a my speaker. Now that my software has been updated, I am able to control the volume in these areas, but my earpiece sound is very very bad because the speaker seems to be blown. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I am seriously about to replace my speaker myself, as I do not want a rebuilt phone. I have much greater confidence in my ability to repair this device than in their refurbishment shop.
  11. I can all but guarantee at least 25 watts of heat from the power supply and control/processing hardware in each radio.
  12. I have hit 18+ up, pretty sure 20+, have to find my speed tests.
  13. I believe the 5S is identical across all carriers, just as the 4S was. Nobody supports GSM or UMTS on 800 on any model (even Sprint), and only Sprint supports CDMA there. To my knowledge, the only CDMA capable Tmobile units are the iphone models. Nobody else supports TD-LTE either, on any band.
  14. A series of worlds? You mean they have found us?! Must be all those new cell sites!
  15. yes, I will give you that one. Florida is particularly sad spot for Sprint.
  16. TMO is never better than Sprint anywhere. I don't care about dc-hspa or anything else. It isn't a reliable service and isn't worth talking about.
  17. No, that's the signal strength from the diversity antenna, just a second signal path (usually rx only) from the same site.
  18. The arbitrary "reasonable person" and "educated person" are panel-implemented benchmarks used in panel decision making. The reasonable person standard comes into play in decisions of interpretation in situations of abiguity. The educated person benchmark comes into play in cases of decisions regarding safety, resources, etc. Pretty much, if Sprint has more spectrum than the educated person standard would see them finding a need for, then they would not get more. Spectrum is a resource that is limited. Different bands have different values. It needs to be actively used, not just deployed. If it were somehow available, and Sprint could buy the entire 600MHz range, from 600 to 699 MHz, they would have to show that they will be able to not just implement, but actually effectively use the new spectrum. This promotes full utilization while discouraging anticompetitive purchasing or hoarding, as well as investment purchases. What if Verizon was allowed to buy the H block just to keep Sprint from getting it, and then sit on it for years? Then if they were ever legally required to sell it, sell to someone who has no use for it, and attach a contractual limitation against selling it to Sprint?
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