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  1. Congratulations on the house. The 1x thing happens on the Motorola Nexus 6, too, even with the latest firmware. All the other glitches on this thing seem gone, though. If it helps, LTE Discovery isn't affected by the issue and can still identify GCI, PCI, TAC on sites, so still shows bands right.
  2. I am seeing a LOT of LTE 2.5 (B41) around. Even near home (Orion Township), I am seeing 40+ Mbps speeds sometimes.
  3. Radio power. Most of my area isn't extremely rural. Near me there are 2-4 EVDO and 2-3 1x carriers at most sites. I know this by talking to technicians at sites. Spacing is very sparse, however. I know that several local rural-ly spaced Sprint sites were served by T3s (43Mbps) before being upgraded. LTE 1900 here has lots of holes in it, which is really annoying. This dual rig idea would clear that up a lot, I think. What is really interesting is that we have had EVDO data speeds 600Kbps-1.2Mbps for years in most of my area, well before Network Vision,so I never really understoo
  4. Right. I should have said that a solution gas been determined, though not necessarily applied yet. I still think the 1900 hardware should be left, especially in rural areas like mine, with very large areas served by individual sites. These are cases where the radios run at their maximum power levels. The more carriers that a radio is required to broadcast, the less power is available to be put into any individual carrier. Throwing all of the CDMA stuff on one radio and the one or eventually two LTE carriers onto another would be a great way to increase LTE 1900 coverage.
  5. Now that the IBEZ issues have cleared up, what form will the retrofit take? Will they just add the 800MHz radio with its own antenna or will it entail removal and replacement of all of the existing 1900MHz-only antenna hardware and then adding the 800 radio? We do have a number of higher capacity sites with twin PCS setups, so those seem to have a straightforward answer. I live in Michigan, where most of the state is PC only. This even includes a couple of brand new sites that I have inspected. It seems extremely short sighted to install all of these goofy PCS antennas, only to repl
  6. It is this site. Sitting in the Old Detroit Bar and Grille a few minutes ago, I got this: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/1195091267 Signal is hovering at around -102
  7. Just spotted LTE band 41 in Orion Township. Not sure where it's coming from, but I suspect it's the site at the SW corner of Clarkston Rd and M24. B41 radios went up there a couple of months ago, but I only now have a B41 capable device.
  8. I don't think the Crystal, or even Crystal X, is a flagship class device in Japan. The 302SH is a better device, even though it's several months older. I think it's more like the GS4 Mini compared to the GS4, though perhaps not quite so badly decontented.
  9. Not the Crystal X. Look up the 302SH. I want that one. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Monsters-from-Asia-the-IP57-certified-Sharp-Aquos-Xx-302Sh-or-the-most-compact-full-fledged-flagship-in-the-world_id54850 http://www.doi-toshin.com/ip57-certified-sharp-aquos-xx-302sh-compact-full-fledged-flagship-world/
  10. I was really hoping for a high end Sharp phone... This is disappointing that we get the gimped model. That 1920x1080, IP57, 2.x GHz model looks far more desirable and I probably would buy it as my next phone.
  11. Then I would expect it to be named "data saver" rather than "download booster" in order to drive that point. I'm not sure how much of a gain it would be in my case. I might use up all of .5 - 2MB of Sprint data doing an order which takes 5-10 minutes. This seems clearly targeted to the heavier user. The way it looks like it works is to send as much data as possible through each connection in order to get the highest possible download speeds.
  12. This is a stupid idea. Using the network while in range of wifi will place unnecessary load on the network. I turn on my wifi as soon as I have data intensive things to do if possible. I usually don't use it because my Sprint connection tends to be more consistent than public wifi around here and most of what I do is not data intensive, but rather small things like parts orders, electronic mail, etc. I just hope the providers have a way to turn it off from their end when the user is connected to an overloaded site/carrier.
  13. If I didn't want the bars... Well, CDMA Field Test is free. Two of my reasons for choosing Signal Check Pro were the simplified geolocation and the signal bars. As far as bigger notification items, that would really suck with the stupid huge 4G thing on the newer Samsung firmwares.
  14. Ok, didn't see your chart there. It pretty well agrees with my findings. Incidentally, any idea what each of Sensorly's 5 color grades means? Seems their breakpoints are: > -75, > -85, > -95, > -110, < -110 but this just "seat of the pants" feeling. Also, I do agree that the numbers are always accurate for everyone. I just feel like the bars show much more usable of signal where there really isn't much. I am divided on which I display more. Sometimes the bars are easier so I don't have to look closely enough to read the tiny status bar sized numbers (please do not
  15. Well, it shows all bars down to about -90 RSRP or so. I would personally define the scale as more like: 6 @ > -75 5 @ > -82 4 @ > -89 3 @ > -96 2 @ > -103 1 @ > -110 0 @ < -110 Or even: 6 @ > -75 5 @ > -83 4 @ > -91 3 @ > -99 2 @ > -107 1 @ > -115 0 @ < -115 I do understand that these bars are showing signal level on a scale relative to the levels required to get maximum performance, but I would really rather see it on a scale of absolutely how much is there. A simple scenario: I frequently use my phone to do certain types of f
  16. That could probably be done with a menu selection for device type. I would like an option to adjust the LTE dbm/bar algorithm because it always shows too many bars for the level of LTE signal present when the status bar indicator is set to bars and not numbers.
  17. Dislike the low resolution and single cellular radio path.
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