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  1. So how is this supposed to work? If I buy it via Sprint, will it have full access to the tmobile network or will this just be like.. sprint network+tmobile 5G access?
  2. This was really masterfully done honestly. Coming to an agreement with Qualcomm made Intel much less valuable so Apple bought them for cheap while having Qualcomm able to supply them until they come up to speed on their own modems.
  3. https://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article233107845.html They are already suing a city council right now, lol
  4. Well, looks like we need transfer everything to T5Gru.com pending the state lawsuits
  5. So will this work like Google-Fi? or is this like a 3 year plan where they hope everyone gets new devices/new SIMs that can handle the 2 different networks? Or is it more likely that CDMA is sunsetted and GSM is what goes forward
  6. I thought this wouldn't ever go through but here we are... How will this even work in terms of transition? Will existing devices just get to roam on the other network but not necessarily have access to it? I haven't paid attention to this stuff for like 2 years.. can phones with Sprint SIMs/CDMA ever access the GSM based tmobile network?
  7. Softbank just signed a $200 billion deal with Saudi Arabia for solar panels. Not really telecom related but still wanted to post because it is Softbank. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-28/saudi-arabia-softbank-ink-deal-on-200-billion-solar-project
  8. nice to see activity here. Overall my speeds in Austin have improved with the exception of the airport which somehow has gotten even worse.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2017-11-28/softbank-is-said-to-seek-uber-shares-at-48-billion-valuation Well looks like SoftBank found another avenue for it's money..
  10. I'll be the curmudgeon in the thread: My prediction is lower than expected/needed capex spending while continuing to showcase plans that are more "me too!" than "look at me!" (hulu for sprint vs netflix for T-Mobile). I do expect Sprint to slowly build out and densify more towers but to in general start falling behind the other players again. Sorry but they won't small cell their way out of the still existing backhaul and slow tower problem. It is great that Sprint has done so well cutting down operation costs but they can't cut themselves to a faster network. Oh and lastly I predict another year of 3G/barely serviceable LTE at the Austin Airport. I also expect plan costs to rise now that T-Mobile plan costs are also on the rise. marketwise I expect that 2018 will bring even more people cord cutting and looking for services such as DirectTV Now and continue to add to AT&T dominating this area with the AT&T+DirectTV Now bundle discounts.
  11. RIP Sprint, etc. Okay maybe not that bad but I still don't see a future of growth for Sprint unless they partner with Dish/Others like ATT and direct TV have done.
  12. Sure. My counterpoint is there is a distinct difference between coverage and user experience. My experience overall the past 2 years or so is yes, coverage is improving but that makes the poor speed towers/lack of backhaul areas that much more jarring especially in urban centers. Comparatively, my AT&T service is much less ups and downs with a more consistent experience but I will admit the fastest speedtests on sprint are higher. Grass is greener/more expensive on the other side I guess.
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