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S4GRU Member Ranks and Groups




We have now created membership ranks and groups for all S4GRU members to obtain. Ranks are determined based on the number of forum posts you have made. Groups are based on how you contribute to the S4GRU cause.


S4GRU Member Ranks

  • Smoke Signals - 0 posts
  • Analog - 10 posts
  • Digital - 25 posts
  • 1xRTT - 50 posts
  • 3G EVDO - 100 posts
  • eHRPD - 250 posts
  • 4G WiMax - 500 posts
  • 4G LTE - 1000 posts
  • LTE Advanced - 2500 posts

Also, for those who contribute to S4GRU, there are groups you can belong to. These come with additional benefits, that are associated with your sign in credential permissions.


S4GRU Membership Groups


S4GRU Sponsor. For members who donate money through PayPal to S4GRU to help fund the costs of Sprint 4G Rollout Updates, you get the S4GRU Sponsor title for six months from your last donation. Once you donate $100 or more in total, you get the title forever and upgraded to Premier Sponsor (see below). S4GRU Sponsors get:

  • Access to the S4GRU Sponsors Forum (contents subject to change, but includes some interactive maps)
  • Allow profile customizations
  • Larger profile photos (up to 250x250)
  • Can edit forum posts up to six hours after posting (incognito)
  • No limitations on auto signatures
  • Not subject to flood control timeouts
  • Store up to 250 Private Messages
  • No daily limit on Private Messages
  • Up to 10 People allowed in a Personal Message
  • Can view who gave you reputation points
  • Unlimited inline notifications

S4GRU Premier Sponsor. S4GRU Sponsors who donate $100 or more in total, get to keep the title forever and you also get in addition to the benefits of the S4GRU Sponsor above:

  • Access to the S4GRU Premier Sponsor Forum (contents subject to change, but includes NV schedule maps for many markets)
  • Bypass word filters
  • Can post HTML in posts
  • No limit to number of people allowed in a Personal Message
  • Unlimited PM storage
  • Allow attachments in PM's
  • Allow unlimited amounts of reputation points to be given
  • Larger profile photos (up to 250x400)
  • Can edit forum posts at any time (incognito)
  • Can soft delete own posts
  • Avoids any moderation queues

S4GRU Contributing Author. For members who write news articles for S4GRU, you get an even better membership group. S4GRU Contributing Authors get all the S4GRU Premier Sponsor benefits plus they get the acclaim of being in the S4GRU inner circle. After you become a trusted regular contributor, you will be given the ability to post your own articles directly up in The Wall. You can create drafts of articles and keep them stored until ready for publishing. This status will stay active for six months after you publish your most recent S4GRU article.



NOTE: The PayPal donation button is located in The Forums main page, at the upper right hand corner.

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Oh, and if you're Mark Stahl, send me a PM. You didn't list your screen name in your donation and I don't know who you are to change your Membership Status to S4GRU Sponsor.

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