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  1. In arrundel Mills right now and turned on 4g for the first time....Very impressive Sent from my Awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 via Tapatalk 2 baby.
  2. Havent been on this site for a bit, lots going on and I have missed alot. Glad to see sprint should be turning on lte n bmore soon. Hopefully we wont be far behind. While nv may be the future of sprint, I have been very frustrated as of lately with the service or lack their of but hopefully things will start to speed up in the silver spring/olney area of MD. Sent from my Awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 via Tapatalk 2 baby.
  3. I have been getting much improved 3g speeds in the suburbs of DC on the MD side although not everywhere......Hopefully the market continues to improve and there is an announcement soon on this area going live with LTE
  4. Great video and a Great day to be a sprint customer......Keep pushing sprint and thanks again Robert for the timely info, your the BEST!!
  5. Thanks on keeping us informed robert. I am taking advantage of the new nv upgraded towers in the DC area and can attest to the much faster 3g speeds (1.5-1.8 mbps down) consistently. It will be exciting when they flip the switch on these towers for 4G. This has been the best news I got this week seeing how my shiny new 32 gig white SG3 is delayed, but hey at least now my case will get here before my phone :-)
  6. Thank you Robert for the helpful and up to date information. It is much appreciated
  7. I hope that's not true. Just got a G-Nex from the misses and was hoping to experience some 4G speeds.....sooner than later but it doesn't look that way
  8. I am very excited about the upcoming sprint line-up......Should make for a tough summer as far as decision making
  9. Sucks to be in Chicago, hopefully a fix is in the mix, if not then I guess chicagoans will have to wait it out or make other pans.......Hopefully it will get resolved before they start upgrading the DC area
  10. Good review....I would recommend this phone for maybe my mom who is in the market for a new phone but is not really tech savvy. For $99 bucks you really can't beat it.
  11. Yeah, I see. I use to do a lot of speed tests til I came upon this site. Seeing how there are no active NV sites up and running in my area I guess its kind of pointless. The best 3G speeds I got on the Georgia Ave corridor not too far from you were about 0.44 down. I usually average between 400-600. Not the best but enough to stream pandora. However I have gotten 11-16 Mbps down on 4g (wimax). I use wi-max as much as I can with those speeds
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