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Viet Nam Roaming Experience

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Roaming in Viet Nam has been interesting to say the least. I'm not sure whether its the fact I'm on the Samsung Beta (stupid move on my part) or it's a network issue but sometimes my phone just won't connect to the network without a couple of restarts. As a result, it will sometimes hop between carriers after a restart. So far, I've roamed on three of the four carriers (% of time on each): Viettel (70%), VinaPhone (25%), and MobiPhone(5%). LTE coverage has been nearly ubiquitous, even in rural areas. I literally only legitamtely lost LTE coverage once and that was in the middle of the mountains in the highlands near Da Lat where it dropped down to 3G. I haven't done a speed test yet to conserve data but one nice thing is my data counter reset in the middle of this trip, so I've had more than enough data to cover my needs. 

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3 hours ago, PedroDaGr8 said:

I'm not sure whether its the fact I'm on the Samsung Beta (stupid move on my part) or it's a network issue but sometimes my phone just won't connect to the network without a couple of restarts. 

Samsung just responded to my error report and stated this would be fixed in the third beta. So clearly, this is a beta issue.

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    • My s22 is at 2.370001.  When I try to manually update it,  It just sits there for a minute apparently doing nothing.  Then I get the following message:  We can not do it right now. Please try again after 24 hours. It is a little risky to even think about forcing an update that has not downloaded on its own.  You could be the first person to see a screw-up in the new software configuration.
    • I found an interesting line.  Under Software Information, there's a carrier configuration version and it errors out updating.  Mine is 2.380001.  I wonder how often that updates.
    • Yeah totes saw that article and I was like! Well damn hahaha there won't be expansion of band 41 then in areas of the Upper Manhattan/Bronx and Westchester then if that is the case otherwise we would have seen it. 
    • Well, I saw a good deal on a factory unlocked A32 5G on eBay and was able to convince the seller to show me the software info screen--and it was May.  So I jumped on it. Stuck one of my Tello SIMs in it, and while my Moto One 5G Ace would connect to n71 SA, this phone refuses to do so.  And with only 0 for the TA value, it's less useful for LTE than my older devices.  Oh, and the *#2263# menu doesn't work properly for NR.  So definitely glad I'm able to disable updates. - Trip
    • NextWave re-emerges with 2.5 GHz private network service  https://www.fiercewireless.com/private-wireless/nextwave-re-emerges-25-ghz-private-network-service https://www.nextwave5g.com/nextwave-news The only way for T-Mobile to get up to 190MHz now is to either buy out NextWave in it's entirety or wait until NextWave's lease is up and attempt to "outbid" them for the right to lease the spectrum from the Archdiocese. I'm really curious what NextWave wants for the spectrum that neither Sprint nor T-Mobile were willing to pay them to get off of it. Also what caused them to decide to finally put it into use? Did T-Mobile threaten a lawsuit? Luckily T-Mobile has 60MHz of C-band + DoD and a ton of PCS to make up for it.
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