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Frustrated. T-Mobile outgoing Caller ID not working correctly on one (newest) line.


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I'm on T-Mobile and have 8 lines. All but the last (newest) line have outgoing Caller ID that works correctly.
The newest line only displays City and State if I call other than another T-Mobile phone. I've tried calling AT&T U-Verse VoIP, Verizon and AT&T POTS lines. All display only CIty, State. Calling T-Mobile phones displays my first and last name as I would want/expect.
Using this tool:
I can see this line has City, State the other seven show First, Last Name.
I've called T-Mobile support and they say their system shows the caller ID info was updated. If I use My T-Mobile (App or Web Site) Caller ID does get updated if I change it but only T-Mobile phones see the correct First, Last Name displayed. Everyone else gets City, State.
It's as if the CNAM database isn't getting updated but only for this one particular line my other 7 lines are fine.
I don't claim to understand all the nuances of Caller ID but I would like to get T-Mobile to act on this inconsistency.
Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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