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Mess up in MCC/MNC values?

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There's a clearwire conversion site that was recently performed along my drive to and from work. I first noticed the huge deadzone where I would drop down to 3G and finally noticed the crew on the tower. It's been about 2 weeks since they've been out there, and I'm still having service issues. My phone shows full B41 signal strength, but the data is unusable. I have attached two screenshots from Field Test Mode and did some digging. The first screenshot is while connected to my magic box at work and it shows MCC 310 and MNC 120 which registers as Sprint. The screenshot while parked outside on the newly upgraded tower shows MCC 311 and MNC 940...which doesn't exist on https://www.mcc-mnc.com/ There is a listing for Sprint at MCC 311 and MNC 490 however. Could it be that a simple dyslexic switch of the value 490 with 940 has resulted in a dead tower?



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On 8/21/2019 at 5:02 PM, cyclone said:

Could it be that a simple dyslexic switch of the value 490 with 940 has resulted in a dead tower?

Could be. There is a site in Louisiana where, after RRUS 11 -> 31 swap, they set the B25 eNodeB ID as 0x4BB68. You know, 310120...

It's still that way today, years later. But in that case, the site actually still works, so nobody ever noticed.

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They've gone back and put the old antennas up, and it worked for like a day. They are still there, but it's back to a non-useable data area again. The signal is fine, which makes it worse because I have about a 5 mile stretch of my drive to and from work where I can't even stream apple music. I know two site managers for this area so I'll reach out to them if it's not fixed by end of next week.

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    • https://www.lightreading.com/5g/t-mobile-is-dragging-its-feet-with-5g-buildout-tower-cos-warn/d/d-id/762865 On the one hand, I feel like this comports with what I'm seeing; that the new 2.5 GHz antennas are not popping up as quickly as I would have thought.  On the other hand, a lot of the gear in the big cities is on rooftops, rather than towers.  While some rooftops are contracted to American Tower or Crown Castle, I have to imagine a decent number of them cut out the middle man entirely and work directly with the carriers.  My home site on Sprint appears to have the new T-Mobile antenna, and it's on a high-rise.  The other site I've seen around here with the new 2.5 GHz antenna is owned by Crown Castle.  - Trip
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    • Try clearing your cache. I had to do that lol
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