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How to Spot Nokia 64T64R Massive MIMO Active Antenna Unit

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Nokia 2.5 AAHC Massive MIMO Antenna 

Credit: Sprint



Credit: nexgencpu

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Just another pic install happening in PHX Az


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11 minutes ago, runagun said:

Just another pic install happening in PHX Az


Excellent finding!

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    • I could understand that if I was closer...but I live 2 counties away from Birmingham (Jefferson)...I'm in Talladega county...the southwest corner of it.  I emailed back to Sprint and told them that I couldn't understand why it's been fine for nearly 2 years, and suddenly this sector of the tower can't allow MB...but the western-facing sector can.
    • Maybe it is spectrum limitations in Birmingham. I know when I travel there I connect to 2.5GHz when I think 2.6GHz is more common.  Think that is due to limited holdings?  For this tower, the section that facings Birmingham might have different spectrum allocation/deployment than the other side of the tower not facing Birmingham.
    • Apparently, according to an email that I just received, the magic box no longer can be used in this area. But, I can travel to Sylacauga, in town within 3 miles of the tower (on a different sector of the same antenna that is my donor) and it works fine. But on the sector that serves as my donor, I can't have the MB... That doesn't even sound correct...but that's what I just got told via email. Why would this happen? It works fine for a year and a half, suddenly it can't work anymore?
    • That’s pretty interesting! I had no idea it would be that easy to do that. Smart strategy. In the DC metropolitan area, it seems much more stringent. @Trip and @grapkoski are the permit experts around here. 😀
    • Permitting to swap from 8T8Rs to M-MIMO antennas is surprisingly easy. On many sites in my market, Sprint replaced the 1900-only antenna with a hexadecaport and left the 8T8R antenna unconnected to an RRU. This is so that they can easily one-to-one swap that antenna for a M-MIMO antenna when they're ready. 
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