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Current Sprint Business Plan -- what do you think?


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Hey all--


I had posted over on SprintUsers.com but one of the guys over there recommended I check over here since that forum seems to have died a while ago!


but I was checking out my plan since I'm thinking of upgrade from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s -- in the old days, you'd just call and pay the taxes on the phone and they'd give you a new one as long as you renewed for another couple of years (I think we've had the same plan for about 10 years). Now with the iPhone forever, I'm learning about that (and will call Sprint Business CSR at the beginning of the week).

But in the meantime, I'm wondering how my plan stacks up and whether we could do better. We're all starting to use the phones more intensively (emailing and messaging photos and video for business and various apps -- both in places with wifi and places without -- so LTE and a relatively fast phone is a nice thing to have).

5 (of 6) devices. (I'm assuming my plan is for up to 6 phones)

Everything Data Share 1500 (I don't know if this is still a current or legacy plan -- and if it's worth keeping a hold of this --- I thought it was "unlimited" that we had -- but so far, we haven't gone over our usage).

1st phone $139 less $16.50 service discount (iPhone 6)
2nd phone $29.99 (iPhone 5s)
3rd phone $34.99 (iPhone 4s)
4th phone $29.99 (iPhone 5c)
5th phone $29.99 (iPhone 5s)

I've also got a tablet (iPad) at $15

Total plan comes to about $300-$315/mo (and $20 of that is Sprint surcharges and $20 is taxes).

I'm not sure why the 3rd phone is $34.99 and the others $29.99 since I believe they are all "smart" phones so have the "Data" capability.

I like the virtually unlimited data of Sprint vs some of these other companies that don't have it.

Do you have a business plan? If so, what's it like?


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[see above]


Your plan likely has 300MB limit per line for roaming versus 100MB with current plans, plus phone subsidies every two years per line.

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Your plan likely has 300MB limit per line for roaming versus 100MB with current plans, plus phone subsidies every two years per line.


Thanks I'll check that out.  I'm not seeing any details on the website but I'll check the actual bill.


As to phone subsidies, it now says that every line is eligible to upgrade, where as before I didn't have that notice on each line (only 3 or 4 IIRC).   Reading elsewhere in the forum I see that phone subsidies (are these the same as subsidized upgrades?) appear to be a thing of the past or at least something that Sprint is discontinuing with some plans?  


If so, I'm wondering how the math looks on the iPhone forever route vs buying the thing outright.  Last time I checked  the iPhone (depending upon model) was $99-$199 if you "renewed" for another 2 years -- with the proviso that you paid the tax on the full retail amout of the iPhone (so that was taxes on about $700 or so).


Also I fond out why one line was $34.99 (instead of $29.99)  -- I've got the basic line at $19.99 + the Smart Phone tax (aka "Premium Data (required for this device) + a $5 charge for "International Long Distance Premier" -- though only on this line, strangely enough.    And why on this line, I don't know.


On the main line I have it at $110 + 19.99 Premium Data + 19.99 for 2GB (!) mobile hot spot.  We don't remember adding that but maybe we did.


Finally, I noticed a few things I’m not familiar with looking at my account online again:  anyone know what "Line 1 MRC Disoverable" means and what a "PIN1/PUK1 unlock code is?"

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