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Converting wimax to 8T8R site

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Looks like a site that i know of only running clear band 41 may be getting converted. Lots of stripping and replacing panels. Is the start of clear sites being converted starting already?????


Could be.  Any pics?

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Is it a Sprint only tower?


Two towers, one I park next and one I drive past I have seen work done on lately.  One tower they just installed new mounts to support additional future B41 antenna. That was a big let down when they didn't put up the new antennas.


The other tower turned out they were working on the rack below Sprints.  It is tight spaced tower, so the rack they were standing on they could comfortably access Sprints rack.  Was hard to tell what they were doing, now they are go, no changes. :/  Spent three days there too.  I don't see new equipment so maybe something was broken.  

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Just realized the plmn id is still Clear......not the normal 310 120 for sprint spark Carrier aggregation


As I said they're working on ALU stuff.


The Clear B41 radios is Samsung so they've decomissioned WiMax in your area early for a 2nd B41 carrier which is done by software remotely.  

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I wonder if any of this is going on in Minnesota. The cell site at my work has been clearwire. Now the last few days I havent been able to get any Sprint Spark from that site. Even outside.

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