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Channel Order on Zing Hotspot


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I know on the Zing hotspot you can go into advanced setup and change the preference order on channels, i.e. B25, B26 and B41.


I am slightly over a mile from the Sprint tower that serves my area.  B25 is always ON, but you can choose to give it a order of 1, 2 or 3.  

Since I am using it a home (we have no alternative to internet service, except satellite) what is the recommended order for the 3 channels?  Which channel should be 1st; which channel should be 2nd; and which channel should be 3rd?


Thanks for your replies.

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I would think Band 41, then Band 25 then Band 26 in that order.


Edit: The reasoning behind my suggestion is because you definitely want to be on Band 41 whenever possible due to there being more capacity and higher speeds and IMO you want Band 26 to be your last resort, to only be used if 41 and 25 are unavailable.

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