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  1. I posted pictures of my external antenna before in this forum. Here is a link - CLICK HERE If you want to see how it all comes together, click on this link: CLICK HERE The difference between signals: Internal vs External antenna Since I have not been a SPRINT customer (the service and my experience with SPRINT was great!) since fall of 2015 I have not been here to see new posts. Sorry I missed your question. However someone did send me a personal message today and I received an EMAIL notification that a message was waiting for me so that is why, after all this time, I log
  2. Sold both a long time ago. Actually got pretty close to what I paid for both. I owned for 18 months. Sorry I forgot to post this earlier. Also, I have not been visiting this forum since I sold the two items and canceled my Sprint account. I have now responded to all of you who asked if I still had them for sale. Sorry again
  3. I loved my Sprint Zing. Now Time Warner has come into my area (Canal Winchester) and I switched. No longer need the ZING or the PEPWAVE SOHO SURF. If anyone is interested in either ot both, let me know by private message.
  4. Loved Sprint (saved my butt since only service in my area - Canal Winchester/Pickerington) but it is time to say goodbye since Time Warner just came through my neighborhood (low-density area with no other sources of internet except satellite). It was a great ride, but now must get rid of all my equipment. Will part VERY reasonably: Sprint Hotspot and Soho Surf router available. PVT me if interested
  5. With the USB tethered, you should be able to see USB as one of your choices on this screenshot. Login to PEPWAVE MANAGER, default LOGIN and PASSWORD are both "admin" unless you changed those settings. Under Dashboard, have you dragged the USB setting to the top of "WAN Connection Status" where it shows CONNECTED and dragged the other DEVICES down to disabled? You can't just plug the ZING in to the USB port on the SOHO router. You must also make sure it has been connected by following these instructions. Let me know! P.S. While you are doing that.. you might as well drag any UNUSED c
  6. Yes, it worked for me right up to several weeks ago when I cancelled my Sprint plan because Time Warner Cable just installed fiber optics in my neighborhood. Prior to that, my only choices were Satellite, Clearwire and Sprint. I found only that version of the FIRMWARE would work and it is the same as the one you identified - PLUS (AND THIS IS A BIG PLUS) you have to be patient, the tethering actually takes some time. Watching the lights, it appears the devices may even be rebooting several times. So if you are only giving it 3 or 4 minutes, THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TIME! If the power is disc
  7. I purchased the dock (reported on this in another post). To be honest, it was worthless. Either I had a defective docking station or it just plain had no advantage. I purchased directly from SPRINT when I first bought my Zing Hotspot. Fortunately, they gave me a trial period to use and test the docking station and when it didn't work, they gave me the option to return to them by UPS or I could visit a local company owned store. I chose the later and got a full refund. The only issue I had was they could not find my account for some reason. Thought I took everything I needed to help t
  8. B41 .... is that what I should be using?
  9. I live on Waterloo Road and I am about 1 mile south of the SPRINT tower that serves this area. That tower is across the street from KINGY'S PIZZA. Typically, I get 10 to 15 mb downloads and about the same for uploads. However, recently, I have experienced several episodes where I have received downloads/uploads over 20 mb. These speeds do not usually last that long, an hour or so. Is this reflective of possible testing or something. Just has happened in the last week or so (that I have noticed).
  10. I live on Waterloo Road and Time-Warner's subcontractors are putting in the fiber optic lines in this area. Waterloo Road runs north and south so when you ask "on your south" not sure what you mean. Of course, there are about 6 streets in the Canal Winchester area that have Waterloo in their name, i.e.. Waterloo Road, Waterloo Street, Waterloo Court, etc. I suspect you mean Waterloo Street which is one of the 2 main streets in Canal Winchester with High Street and Waterloo Street being the center of town. The old cable system we had in this area was INSIGHT COMMUNICATION. That system w
  11. When I first plugged my ZING into my PC Desktop, it took a little longer to be recognized, etc. I assumed it was either downloading drivers or installing drivers that were pre-loaded on the device itself. After that, it immediately recognizes when I plug it into a USB port. I really only need to do that when I want to open up the ZING HOTSPOT MANAGER and change some settings. About 90% of the time, I have my ZING tethered to my SOHO SURF and the rest of time I am using the ZING as a stand alone hotspot.
  12. The proof is in the pudding. Using firmware v6.1.2 build 1550
  13. Coincidental, but I was talking to 3gstore.com (online chat) just a little while ago. I was looking for an antenna and perhaps a router that "officially" was supported for tethering with the Sprint Zing. SOHO had already told me they don't support their router for tethering with the ZING because it is not on the approved list. Funny thing is, when I bought the SOHO SURF directly from PEPWAVE they made no promises but said they had other customers claim to have it working as a tethered device. They also said if I was not happy, I could return it. I got the SOHO SURF to tether with my
  14. Just an update for those trying to tether their Zing Hotspot to a Pepwave SURF SOHO. The only firmware version I have gotten this device to work with is the one I mentioned before: v6.1.2 build 1550 When I first got the SOHO, i updated the firmware and it did not work (at that time v6.2.0 I went back to the firmware that was included with the shipped SOHO and it tethered fine. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: The tethering process takes several minutes or more. So if you are connecting for the first time or have had a power outage, etc. be patient and allow it to reconnect. Sometimes you n
  15. Sorry to be so ignorant, but when people talk about you need to have the newest devices that are CA capable, does that include the Zing Hotspot?
  16. I know on the Zing hotspot you can go into advanced setup and change the preference order on channels, i.e. B25, B26 and B41. I am slightly over a mile from the Sprint tower that serves my area. B25 is always ON, but you can choose to give it a order of 1, 2 or 3. Since I am using it a home (we have no alternative to internet service, except satellite) what is the recommended order for the 3 channels? Which channel should be 1st; which channel should be 2nd; and which channel should be 3rd? Thanks for your replies.
  17. Firmware I am using is 6.1.2 build 1550 Remember, the pairing actually takes some time. If you're watching the device while it is trying to pair it will seem like it is not working at first. Be patient. Let me know your progress.
  18. The dock was totally worthless. I could not see any improvement. I ordered online, but was allowed to take it back to a local Sprint store (company owned - not a franchise store) and they did the credit for me. Instead, I purchased a pigtail connector so that I could connect the outdoor directional antenna I had purchased for my Clearwire modem and it works great.
  19. Did a Speedtest today using ATT's website Speedtest (Ookla provided software). My tower is on Basil-Western Road (across from Kingy's Pizza (near the S.R. 33 and Hill-Diley Road Exit). 2 Miles from the Tower.
  20. Interesting story online from USAToday.... 4G me not: WiMax isn't LTE and is going away at Sprint resellers CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY
  21. Sprint announces its LTE network is nearly complete http://www.betawired.com/sprint-announces-its-lte-network-is-nearly-complete/1420583/
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