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MiFi 500 LTE gets public IP but appears to be firewalled


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I have mine through FreedomPop but I think Sprint is the one blocking it.  Since I don't have fixed internet at home I was planning to use my device to keep tabs on various things.  I port mapped my wireless camera through the built in firewall and still cannot access it from the public IP Sprint assigns.


After getting a Franklin U600 for free last month I tried the same thing out on the WiMax network, and it isn't blocked, camera works great. Has anyone got the LTE network firewall lifted and how do you do it?

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I tested with FPs other devices they sent, a Franklin U600 WiMAX/EVDO modem.  It works just fine, both 3G and 4G network IPs are public and routable!


I'm thinking it might be the MiFi 500's router blocking things, going to acquire a Netgear LTE modem and move the SIM to see if I'm correct.

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I doubt it is just the mifi router blocking them, unless you have a static ip or some type of business account, its very likely that sprint is blocking/filter incoming connections across lte to prevent lte from being used as a server connection.


wimax network is older and different and doesn't necessarily have the same filtering/network managemen rules.




I can ping my wimax hotspot public ip, but can not ping my netgear zing lte hotspot public ip.

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