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  1. Got the hotspot, have good signal in and around the house, but my speed is AWFUL. I'm talking less than 1 mbit download and upload speeds on band 41 with 2 bars! How do I whine to Sprint to fix this, or should I just send back the device and cancel? EDIT: It works fine elsewhere in town, just near my house where I actually need it to be fast it isn't.
  2. Thanks for the info! I'll probably have to get the 6100D deactivated since it's on FreedomPop right now.
  3. Woah, you're saying if I call 4gcommunity's support after I get the Franklin that they'll let me change the account and move the SIM?
  4. I just signed up for the 4gcommunity plan, I'll see if I can make the SIM work in a Netgear 6100D
  5. Topeka protection sites are still up, but I've been getting authentication errors for over a week and can't connect even though there's signal.
  6. Interesting, I assume they'll turn off Topeka when Kansas City goes dark. The signal has always been on here, but various times I get authentication errors. Data counter still reports zero too!
  7. I think they just turned B41 on in Topeka over the weekend. MiFi 500 is now getting locked onto it and my speeds are crazy fast now, over 30mbit and as high as 42 down! Signal really is bad though, hovers around -105dBm and I'm on the 7th floor in the middle of downtown!
  8. I tested with FPs other devices they sent, a Franklin U600 WiMAX/EVDO modem. It works just fine, both 3G and 4G network IPs are public and routable! I'm thinking it might be the MiFi 500's router blocking things, going to acquire a Netgear LTE modem and move the SIM to see if I'm correct.
  9. Why isn't the WiMAX network blocked then? Does freedompop have the ability as an mvno to unblock it?
  10. I have mine through FreedomPop but I think Sprint is the one blocking it. Since I don't have fixed internet at home I was planning to use my device to keep tabs on various things. I port mapped my wireless camera through the built in firewall and still cannot access it from the public IP Sprint assigns. After getting a Franklin U600 for free last month I tried the same thing out on the WiMax network, and it isn't blocked, camera works great. Has anyone got the LTE network firewall lifted and how do you do it?
  11. Pretty decent, although I'm on FP so there appears to be throttling, but the ping is good. Here's my debug, I think that channel number is 800mhz service? When I had EVDO I think it was a similar number as well. On that subject, I'm getting a public IP, but it appears even with DMZ I have no open ports. Does sprint block all servers? debug.txt
  12. Finally got my MiFi 500 upgrade from freedompop, it's not a branded device though, says Sprint everywhere! Coverage map says regular LTE in Topeka but display says spark and the band listed in debug mode is one of the 800mhz ones!
  13. Finally got my MiFi 500 upgrade from freedompop. It's a completely Sprint branded device and acts just like one. Display says "Sprint Spark LTE" even though Topeka isn't on the coverage map as Spark. But it's 800mhz LTE service!
  14. Which PRL is needed for 800mhz access? I have 50507 and I'm on an MVNO (ringplus) so maybe we won't get access to it. I'm fairly sure Topeka has it deployed because a co-worker told me his is reporting 1X 800.
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