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Serial, the podcast and tower records


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So I joined the serial podcast craze during my long drives up and down I-95 between Richmond and DC. I guess you can only take so much preaching and top 40 'music' before looking for something else.


Anyways, this season of serial was about a '99 murder just outside Baltimore City. (For more details feel free to go to: http://serialpodcast.org/) During episode 5 by the 28 minute mark, they begin talking about how accurate cell phone records are and whether they have been misused, at times, in law enforcement investigations and following proceedings.


So during my drive, I began to wonder what Sprint's records of me look like. Are those physics defying connections (like to a tower far far away) recorded by Sprint and thus, could be used against me some day? Far fetched, I know.


Below are direct links to the map and logs they mention. Per a later podcast, I believe these must be legacy AT&T towers from 1999.


Cell tower map:



Cell phone records:



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I just started listening to it last night. I'm on episode 4 now and man this is some good stuff. Sad situation though.



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