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Serial, the podcast and tower records


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So I joined the serial podcast craze during my long drives up and down I-95 between Richmond and DC. I guess you can only take so much preaching and top 40 'music' before looking for something else.


Anyways, this season of serial was about a '99 murder just outside Baltimore City. (For more details feel free to go to: http://serialpodcast.org/) During episode 5 by the 28 minute mark, they begin talking about how accurate cell phone records are and whether they have been misused, at times, in law enforcement investigations and following proceedings.


So during my drive, I began to wonder what Sprint's records of me look like. Are those physics defying connections (like to a tower far far away) recorded by Sprint and thus, could be used against me some day? Far fetched, I know.


Below are direct links to the map and logs they mention. Per a later podcast, I believe these must be legacy AT&T towers from 1999.


Cell tower map:



Cell phone records:



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I just started listening to it last night. I'm on episode 4 now and man this is some good stuff. Sad situation though.



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    • B25 no longer visible to my G2s with Sprint Sims except when rooted using NSG.
    • T-Mobile is asking FCC for approval to obtain Watch TV 2.5 spectrum in Ohio to meet its 5G rural merger obligations in 29 Ohio and 2 Indiana counties. https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsEntry/attachments/attachmentViewRD.jsp?applType=search&fileKey=1979344942&attachmentKey=21484155&attachmentInd=applAttach This implies that T-Mobile will aggressively go after 2.5 rural spectrum in the upcoming FCC auction 108 even more than I thought.
    • I'm still getting Band 26 and Band 41 from keep sites in Crown Heights and Bay Ridge. I haven't seen any Band 25 though. I'm starting to think T-Mobile shut down Sprint's PCS spectrum here. I wonder if we'll get 5MHz Band 25 + 5MHz n25 carrier or if we'll just get 2 5MHz n25 carriers.
    • Still seeing strong T-Mobile HSPA+ and some weak Sprint B26 (311-490) in the north Bedstuy area Sprint eNB 6705 (40.70091884265787,-73.94344902067445) is broadcasting the keep PLMN Sprint eNB 899078/899079 (40.83022854043739,-73.94830306659236) has been converted, though the site has not yet been lit up. The density up there is pretty insane - 400ft from the site just North, 600ft from the site just South. Spotted another Dish site near City College (1606 Amsterdam Ave). This is not a former Sprint site, and the neighboring Sprint site (across the street) has not been decommissioned. Still not seeing the Dish PLMN in this area.
    • Just cycled through where I'm sitting...not near any keep sites...and 25/26 don't exist...locking to them but.ps me over to AT&T MFBI (why TMo isn't doing 2/25 MFBI here I don't know...maybe Nokia equipment can't do it?). TMo B41 is visible, but Sprint isn't. Two nights ago I saw 10 MHz Sprint B41 at the top of the band. Not sure whether that's live today.
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