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  1. After saying I couldn't find any permits updating Sprint/TMo sites in DC, I find a permit for my home site which was issued in January... 1909 19TH ST NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20009 T-Mobile proposes removing (3) antennas and installing (9) antennas at the existing telecommunications facility.
  2. I've been stalking DCRA's new permit searching system and nothing yet. Grr. How does T-Mobile usually file permits... I've seem T-Mobile and Tmo before. Not sure if there are any other variations they use.
  3. Was there an internal directive? Odd they didn't do more of a push for people to voluntairly move (and make it as easy as ordering a sim card online without talking to an agent), before starting to poke people with sticks like this.
  4. While they normally adjust sales taxes starting 1/1, did you notice what taxes/fees jumped? Most city/state budgets reset October 1, so they could've adjusted them then. Otherwise, it wouldn't surprise me if the 'administrative surcharges' were revised higher.
  5. One of our stores here in Downtown DC consolidated a block away. Most of the employees were transferred to other stores and said the lease was expiring, so the timing was just right for corporate real estate to let it go.
  6. Dish won't deploy that spectrum any further than Clearwire deployed Wimax. I expect a cable co will swoop in and buy their assets. As of today, the company just doesn't have the capability to raise enough financing to build a true network.
  7. Just a reminder, the merger hasn't closed - there may be some financial renegotation, but I am sure they are working through the night on that.
  8. Ditto, but there was a period where VoLTE kept having issues in the DC area. Missed calls, etc. I wonder if they happened to be testing during that period.
  9. It seems like something is happening to my home tower. Trying to get better pictures of it, but I'm just too far for anything but a blur on my iPhone. Over the weekend, we had sporadic LTE service go in and out. Speeds have slowed a bit, but now there are safety cones on the roof of the building where the equipment is.... fingers crossed. Best shot I could get:
  10. Yeah, it seems like they are placing many of them around high congestion areas like expected (Washington Hilton, Convention Center). I wish they were going to upgrade the rest of the towers in the Downtown K St Core.
  11. When on the first link (acaprod9....) - type sprint in the box with the green search glass. It's right below where the nav bar would be on the right hand side. I've sent a note to the Mayor's office about fixing the images because I'm a tad OCD.
  12. It's back online! Description for my home tower permit: Remove (3) 2.5 GHz Antennas and all associated cabling Remove (3) 2.5 GHz Radios and all associated cabling Install (3) 2.5 GHz Airscale MAA 64T64R 128AE B41 120W AAHC Antennas Install (3) 0.82" Hybrid Fiber Trunk Cable Install (1) Fiber Junction Box Install (1) mMIMO Airscale BBU in MMBTS Cabinet Install (1) Top Hat on MMBTS Cabinet Install (2) AMOB Units on BBU Cabinet Install (1) H-Frame Mount (If necessary) Replace existing mounts with 3.5" O.D.x8' SCH. 40 pipe mounts per Sprint Standards.
  13. Happy to report that DC has approved a slew of mMIMO permits. Including my home tower of DC03XC145 on 19th St NW. Here is to hoping Sprint gets those panels in ASAP. You can search more DC permits here by searching 'Sprint': https://acaprod9.dcra.dc.gov/CitizenAccess/Default.aspx For details on each permit, you can copy the record number/Application ID into this system: https://eservices.dcra.dc.gov/obpat/default.aspx The most recent application from the 15th of January is still in preprocessing, so not sure what that is for yet.
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