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  1. grapkoski

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    Happy to report that DC has approved a slew of mMIMO permits. Including my home tower of DC03XC145 on 19th St NW. Here is to hoping Sprint gets those panels in ASAP. You can search more DC permits here by searching 'Sprint': https://acaprod9.dcra.dc.gov/CitizenAccess/Default.aspx For details on each permit, you can copy the record number/Application ID into this system: https://eservices.dcra.dc.gov/obpat/default.aspx The most recent application from the 15th of January is still in preprocessing, so not sure what that is for yet.
  2. I doubt it would be available the same day, but this is probably a big prerequisite.
  3. grapkoski

    Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Wanted to cross post this because I think its related to VoLTE roll out, but Calling Plus will be decommissioned on 9/29
  4. Well I received this email a few minutes ago... Dear Valued Sprint Customer, Our records indicate your account is using Calling PLUS, a service that combines Sprint's LTE Calling (Beta) with Wi-Fi Calling to enable simultaneous voice and data usage during a call. Due to recent network upgrades, we are formally notifying you that LTE Calling (Beta) will be decommissioned via a system update that will be sent to your device/s beginning September 29th, 2018. Here are your options for the system update: Accept the system update – it will permanently remove LTE Calling (Beta) from your device. Wi-Fi Calling service will continue to allow your device to make and receive calls over an available Wi-Fi connection. Disregard the system update – LTE Calling (Beta) service will remain active. You will be unable to take advantage of the network optimizations until you accept the system update. We encourage you to contact your Sprint Business Support Representative below to ask questions or share any concerns you may have. Thank you for the opportunity to be your wireless provider. Sincerely, Sprint Business
  5. grapkoski

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Can you PM me the site?
  6. Is ATL an early market for VoLTE? Or are you referencing 'calling plus?'
  7. How about when you're in areas of 1x/3G? Or is it truly 'No Service'
  8. I feel like this is one of things that if we say it more than three times it will happen.
  9. Sprint partnering with CVS would be amazing. Near me, the DC Costco could also use a couple of Magic Boxes. One can wish!
  10. grapkoski

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Thanks for all the help. Does my HTC U11 sim work in the X or do I need to stop by a corporate store to get one? I think I am going to bite the bullet for now. I'm giving into loads of why are you 'green' comments.
  11. grapkoski

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    So I guess the question now is... how long do we expect it will take for another model to be announced? Aren't the 's' usually less than a year from initial release?
  12. grapkoski

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Hi all! I'm torn. Should I upgrade to an X or wait for the next model? I need a break from Android, but my inner-nerd is worried at how inferior the radios are to my HTC U11.
  13. I am excited to see them expand. I hope they can convince Sprint corporate to invest more in Western Loudoun County which still has gaping holes from Purceville to the west.