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  1. Another update available today. So far it seems like this version has fixed my random reboot with the SD card installed. Crossing fingers
  2. Has anyone else noticed on the latest update the the phone seems to drop to 3g more often and stay there unless you toggle airplane mode to reconnect back at 4G? Done the PRL and update routines still no change
  3. YMMV, i bought the note 4 back charging cover, unfortunately its thicker than the standard cover and would not fit with my 2 part Ballsitic Case. and its sloooooowww to charge the note 4. With high rate charger can you almost fully charge within an hour so I sold all the wireless stuff. A learning experience. i will just go the route of having to replace the USB port every year or so. its pretty cheap and easy on Samsung devices
  4. I had to wipe mine as well. a bit of pain but it cleared all my issues up
  5. Downloading now. Holy crap its huge! over 1Gb in file size!
  6. Im not a premier Sponsor so I don't have access. PM and I will share the google Earth KML file you can then post
  7. Sprint filed frequcy coordination for hundreds of New Microwave paths last November covering Washington, Colorado, Iowa, Illnios and Ohio
  8. ED 1500 with unlimited minutes perk, 2 new note 4's (contract) and %18 Discount $145.00
  9. that's still 120.00 over the 2 years and you don't own it. I paid 150.00 and I have a phone to sell at the end of the 2 years I just sold my note 2 on eBay for 130.00 minus what I paid for sales tax I'm only into the phone for 20.00.still better than a lease. leasing makes sense for some just not me Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
  10. Phone buying/leasing is fast becoming the "new car debt" pay over time. I walked into a sprint store couple weeks ago to upgrade as my 2 years were up. I was told they would only do easy pay/lease. i turned around and walked out. Went over to Best Buy. who Priced matched Amazon plus another 100.00 off per phone. Opened a Best Buy card and applied the 2 100.00 credits directly to the purchase and have 12 mos no interest to pay off the remainder which i will do in the next month or so. I'm on a good plan ED 1500, now with unlimited minutes from Marcelo plus a 18% employer discount. The math just doesn't work out for me to pay on a phone for 2 years and then own a phone that's outdated, One can only hope if this becomes the norm it will drive down the price of devices.
  11. Hah! I did for sure, but then I live about 3 miles from where Russ Started the very first Store
  12. Looks to be about 10 paths between Des Moines and Omaha and probably about as much around Omaha itself. Nothing really east of Des Moines until Davenport area. Another Cluster Around Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Clinton and Sterling.
  13. Looks Like Band 41 deployment is going to get big real fast. Just got a PCN (Prior Coordination Notice) Fancy term for Microwave Path Coordination. for over 100 locations across the US for Sprintcom. Equipment Spec'd was Dragonwave (what Clearwire deployed before they halted ). Spread across the US 80 corridor mainly but with Huge clusters in WA state-Seattle area, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio.
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