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Robinhood Investment App


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I'm sure there's a lot of investors on here and others that want to get involved in investing.  I came across this app on Facebook and wondered what some of you all thought about the possibility of have a free trading app?


I'm not selling anyone on this, not trying to get anyone to sign-up, all though I am using the referral link they gave me just in-case someone does sign-up, i move up the wait list.


Anyone else use Scott trade, e-trade?? Online trading?  Would free trades help in investing? I'm curious what people have to say.  I'm a little late to the savings and investing party, but this could possibly help me catch up on the time I'm behind.


Just to reiterate, I'm not advertising it, selling it, or anything to that effect, just curious.

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Seems a little thin on details like how much is the interest. There is another app out there that rounds up your credit card purchases and takes the difference and invests it. I think its called Acorns. The fees are a little on the steep side until you get to a certain dollar amount.

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I've been on the wait list for almost a year.. Should be a matter of a couple days until I can download it, my position on the wait list went down 10,000 overnight. I currently use TD Ameritrade because I got discounts on options trading when I was a student, but when I get this app I'll be moving everything over.




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I have been using it for a month or so...

I almost lost my place as I ignored the email and they only give you a few days (three) to complete the registration.


I did not have to refer anyone...

The only thing I don't like is that I cant remove an account that I already verified.

I linked it with a Wells Fargo checking account but now I can't remove it.

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