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  1. Robert had written a post providing advice to Marcelo when he first came onboard. I searched through the different threads and couldn't find it. It would be interesting to see if Marcelo owes Robert millions of dollars for the advice he provided.
  2. I think its more of a site layout item more than a logo change. If they put the old logo in there they would have to shrink the text and image to show both. It just wouldn't look right.
  3. Claure is a bag holder right now. He already demonstrated he believes in a turn around by buying millions of dollars worth of shares.
  4. I havent tested it in Edinburg but I have picked up B41 on old 83 and parts of 10th street in McAllen.
  5. It says "A source familiar with Comcast's thinking" that's too funny... So we could all be d-bags and say we are familiar with how Dish thinks...
  6. Ergen will be left with two choices... partner with Sprint or Verizon. I doubt they would go with AT&T now due to the Directv tie up, and T-Mobile is out of the picture for now. I had questioned Masa/Claure's agenda in not doing a full partnership with Dish but now it seems that they have the upper hand.
  7. I don't think there will be a bidding war. DT stated that Dish only wanted to buy a part and they are hoping Comcast will buy the whole enchilada.
  8. Not sure how old this is but I will leave this here. http://stks.co/f2Z97
  9. I think Dish/Sprint partnership is still a possibility. Not sure what's going on behind the scenes to keep this from happening. http://m.seekingalpha.com/article/3235726-a-look-at-the-t-mobile-dish-merger
  10. I had problems until I setup the sprint router. No issues at home anymore
  11. Just catching up on the rumors... I find it hard to believe that Marcelo/Masa would let Charlie walk away. They were already partners in the TD-LTE fixed wireless program. Hopefully it is just that they now have confidence in their plan and feel that they don't have to bend over backwards for Ergen. Maybe that trial didn't pan out as planned and Sprint felt they were getting a raw deal and did not want to expand it.
  12. Rep wanted to send me the airave. Explained for like 5 minutes that it was a different product . Read her the item # and no luck. She was going to transfer to telesales so I hung up.
  13. I had the same issues yesterday. I thought it was the other person having problems but it was the iPhone using wi-fi calling. People complained about a fast busy tone when they tried to call me as well.
  14. I have been using it for a month or so... I almost lost my place as I ignored the email and they only give you a few days (three) to complete the registration. I did not have to refer anyone... The only thing I don't like is that I cant remove an account that I already verified. I linked it with a Wells Fargo checking account but now I can't remove it.
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