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BlackBerry Classic or Passport for Sprint? Or is this just wishful thinking..

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Are there any rumblings of the Classic or Passport coming to Sprint? Or any of the other US carriers, for that matter? I've heard nothing through the official channels or CrackBerry. I'd like to go back to BB when Sprint gives me my upgrade in May 2015.. but was hoping they'd have something newer than the Q10.



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I'm in a wait and see mode myself

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I was reading on BlackBerry's preorder page for the Classic that it'll be available for both GSM and CDMA networks.. So that's promising.. Just have to wait for the Dec. 17th launch to know for sure.

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    • By BlackBerryRulez
      Hey everyone,
      Just wanted to let y'all know that the BlackBerry Classic is launching tomorrow, with events in New York, Singapore, and Frankfurt. The NY event starts at 10:00am EST. It will be streamed live at the official link below.
      Can't wait for it to start!
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    • I'm noticing some new giant dead spots along I-29 in ND now. Central MN as well. Also SE MN, central MI, southern OH, parts of KY, VA, NC, SC, GA. It's like they just went it and carved some areas out. Seems like they cut out along major interstates. Maybe a cost saving measure to remove roaming?
    • I just took a trip up Hwy 395 in Central CA between Mojave and Bishop and was roaming on Verizon in some areas.  This was for voice at least as I test called customer service and got the Verizon recording.  I also had data roaming in some places but not sure who's signal that was as it worked fine for internet browsing (Ebay, Yahoo and Facebook) but wouldn't allow me to send pictures or search google in my web browser.  I'm guessing the file size on the pictures I was trying to send were probably too large for what the roaming partner allows.  Also wherever Sprint had coverage LTE worked fine and the voice signal was on 800 Mhz according to debug mode.
    • AT&T coverage has vanished on their maps.  It was previously displayed.
    • I am thinking that they probably are roaming on AT&T now. 
    • Both Verizon 1x and AT&T UMTS/HSPA/LTE.
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