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PSN apparently hit with DDOS by "lizardsquad" - ties to Anonymous


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An apparent outage this weekend on Sony's Playstation network was attributed to a hacker(S) group claiming to be "LizardSquad" ...

I read some of the story, but spent my entire weekend sick and in the bed, so I didn't even turn on my PS4. I just saw the story last night and remembered that infamous outage of 2011 when PSN was down for 25+ some-odd days due to anonymous taking aim at Sony for suing geohotz (whatever his handle/monicker was) when he hacked the PS3 then made it public.

seems like service has mostly been restored according to reports, I personally still haven't turned on my PS4 to see if that's the case in my area..but Sony says all should be OK again.

You would think these kids would have better things to do than to play robinhood from mom's basement...

Apparently, a fake bomb threat to a Sony bigwig triggers the FBI to act..


story with updates on network status:




"Blizzard, PlayStation Network, and more under wide DDoS attack [update: FBI now investigating]"


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