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Sprints to use Ceragon networks for backhaul?


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Little tidbit from Ceragon conference call...


Lastly, there are three, there are large projects pending in the developed market. Most notably Sprint in the U.S., the Intercom and MegaFon in Russia and Vodafone in Western Europe. We believe that we are well positioned to be a vendor, for example Sprint is looking for ultrahigh capacity capabilities and our IP-20 platform can deliver 1 gig to each site in the air whereas competitors can only achieve this using compression technology.




IP20- Platform Website link.




Any Back haul gurus familiar in the product? 


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Not really any different than the other vendors out there. To get that kind of speed you need the channel width to do it or go to complex modulation schemes which don't do well over longer distances. Right now  the cell carriers are gobbling up a lot of the bands. 


Its almost impossible to get anything  on 11Ghz in CA anymore due to saturation, 18Ghz is about as bad. Anything above that  such as the millimeter wave bands 60-80Ghz are only good for short hops, a mile or less and are subject to rain fade at the frequency.

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