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Asus Nexus 7 2013 Kit Kat- No Google Launcher? I Don't Think So.


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So when my Nexus 7 2013 notified me that it was ready to update to 4.4 Kit Kat, I was ecstatic. My parents were actually a little worried because I was talking to my tablet like it could hear me. Anyways, I got the update and I was watching the red, yellow, blue, and green dots combine to make a white circle (I love that) and slowly getting ready to jump for joy when I noticed that the Kit Kat on my N7 looked a lot like 4.3-actually in every way. Furious, I Googled my problem and found that the Google Experience Launcher (what makes the Nexus 5 look so perfect) is a Nexus 5 exclusive-or so people thought. As some of you may remember, a couple weeks ago I posted the APK file for the launcher, and I tried downloading this for my tablet. As you can see in the attached photo of my tablet, it worked. It looks just like the Nexus 5's Google launcher, and runs flawlessly. For those of you who are about to or already have received the 4.4 update on your non-Nexus 5 device, this is a great way to get the N5's beautiful interface-complete with the transparent status bar and navkey background. Hope I helped!  :lock:



Here is the link to my post with the APK files:







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The link to the other post if anyone wants the apk lol.  Thanks for the heads up!



Thanks! Just realized I didn't include it. Totally spaced my mind! I edited it before I saw your post

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    • Just mapped at least 8 5G small cells (all 109xxxx gNBs) while driving on the Southern State. They all seem to be n25/n41. I'm pretty sure nearly all of them are upgrades of existing small cells as opposed to new builds but I'm glad to see Crown Castle/T-Mobile hard at work getting midband 5G on all of these. Each of the unpinned gNBs belong to 1-2 small cells. I still can't pin these sites until the Cellmapper devs give us the option to split cells for 5G sites.
    • Their offers have been crap recently, so this is just more evidence to not buy from T-Mobile. 
    • T-Mobile Will Soon Prevent Early Payoff Of Phones Receiving Bill Credits If you finance a phone with T-Mobile it will remain locked until paid off but now you won't be able to pay off early. If you don't currently purchase your phones from the manufacturer here is another reason it might be a good idea.
    • Was in Red Hook again and I swear there are more Link5G sites as there are Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T small cells combined in the entire neighborhood. It seemed like every other street I turned down had one installed. Hopefully carriers will start hopping on them soon. Seems like a lot of effort to go through for no one to use them.  — — — — — T-Mobile converted the Sprint site on top of NYU Langone Brooklyn in Sunset Park. I first mapped one sector of it back in November 2023 but I thought it was a small cell so I never pinned it but I ran into another sector today which caught me off guard. I'm unable to find a permit for the conversion so it's definitely a surprise. There's another T-Mobile site 1 block away that T-Mobile initially installed back in 2019 so I'm kinda surprised they're keeping both considering the Sprint conversion is on a much taller building and could potentially provide much better coverage to the entire area.  — — — — —  Old permit for this new install expired but a new one was recently issued. It's gonna be similar to the site at 360 Forman St in Brooklyn Heights. Permit calls for only 3 antennas to be installed so I'm assuming it gonna be Band 2/41/66 and n25/41 only which is a bit of a downgrade from the now decommissioned full build that was on 871 7th Ave but in it's current state the nearest macro is a few blocks away and a small cell at Broadway and 55th is doing a lot of heavy lifting in the area so anything helps.  
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