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Thoughts on the Sony VAIO Flip


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I gave my thoughts on the Samsung ATIV Q a while back and since that device has been hampered (supposedly with patent related issues) I started eyeing other devices in the mean time.


With the Q on the backburner and the Asus Trio only available in Australia (no word on US deployment) the idea of a dual OS machine is beyond reach for now. So i will have to fall back on a getting non-dual OS machine. 


With that decision, I'm now looking at both the Acer R7 and Sony VAIO Flip. With the Sony taking the lead so far.


has anyone else seen the R7 or the Flip (either in person or in articles) and felt that it may be worthy.





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Need maybe not 100 % but it does help when want to be in tablet mode which is about 80%. I went to best buy and tried it and fell in love with it, so I bought it on the spot. I opened it up last night and it seems the Wifi and SSD drive can be upgraded. So far its working pretty well. Doing battery tests on it now.



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Over a week with the Flip and it has exceeded my expectations. I do find the tablet mode is quite useful. I have yet to use the presentation mode though. The only sore note is the fan. To me its quiet enough in normal usage, but when using intensive apps, the fan can get loud. The other is battery life, which I've only gotten up to 5-6 hours on it.

Beyond those two cons, its really nice. I've enen installed the newer bluestacks and can use some of the android apps that I really love on it.



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