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Satisfaction Survey -- Sprint fares pretty well!


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Yes, it is interesting that with their second place finish it seems that a fair number of Sprint users are satisfied with their smartphones despite the incessant complaining about the network on the interwebz.


Another interesting note from the article:


The primary reasons for purchasing a smartphone device differ by carrier. Sprint customers are more likely to purchase their smartphone device because of phone features, while T-Mobile customers are more likely to select their smartphone due to price.


So it seems that while t-mobile is leading the race towards the bottom, Sprint needs to continue their focus on deploying Network Vision which will only enhance the user experience.

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I hate to bring this up, but if T-Mobile is solely competing on price, why is there very little difference in pricing from what I see with T-Mobile?  Also, most of the RootMetrics results I see right now, put T-Mobile up on Sprint.  This is a case where I think the JDPower results poll consumers who don't always have the best perception. 


Verizon has the best network but the lowest device satisfaction, while they might have been tied with T-Mobile in reality, T-Mobile's results didn't include Apple. I'm sure that if you toss in Apple, T-Mobile's overall results go up much closer to where Sprint is at. 


Therefore, I don't know if I can say that T-Mobile is leading the race to the bottom. 


Finally, can I say that I read anything JDPower puts out with a gigantic grain of salt? 

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