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  1. I haven't, no...admittedly though, I haven't been keeping as close of an eye on thing here the last couple weeks as I have been really busy with work.
  2. One thing that I have noticed here in the Madison area now that a number of the towers are done is the incredible voice quality when you make a call between 2 phones that are HD voice capeable. Called up one of my buddies last bight and honestly though he was in the room having a conversation with me. For reference, u have the N5 and he has the EVO LTE. Once everything is all done, Sprint is really going to have the upper hand over the competitors with a number of their features!
  3. I'm on the far east side of Madison and get LTE on my nexus 5 which is triband. I also get it down near john Nolan ave. Haven't really left the east side much this week...
  4. Hey guys, just want to let everyone that is concerned about the CSFB issue that it might end up being a quick fix. I live in Madison WI where we are on samsung towers and I lost my LTE when I upgraded to my N5. I was having some connectivity issues late this morning with my 3g and by 230 this afternoon I have LTE on my nexus. Just wanted to share how quick this was done to keep everyone's hopes up!
  5. CSFB on Park Bank tower must've been updated or turned on this afternoon. Got out of my meeting and my N5 is suddenly sucking down the sweet LTE. Must be a pretty quick fix as I only noticed about a 5 minute window of bad service today. So happy my new device is working now!!!
  6. additional note, since i went into the sprint store before i saw roberts reply, the high crossing tower is apparently being worked on today per the repair tech at sprint. he said he got an email this morning saying that tower was being worked on...so anyone on the far east side may see some degraded service...
  7. Thank you for the clarification Robert. I havent been able to find very much on these issues, and your explanation definitely helps. I have been looking at the smartphone section of the forum but hadnt really been able to make heads nor tails of the comments over there. If it has to do with the Triband devices, is it a software issue on the phone or does there have to be a update made to the site. (something separate from the upgrade process). sorry for the extra questions, i just find this stuff really interesting!
  8. Thats not true... I went and got a N5 and cannot pickup my home tower which is 3g and 4g accepted....heading into sprint at lunch today to get some more info...ill report back as sprint support hasnt been much help. Guess i shouldn't have jumped the gun on the N5 and gotten it on the release date!
  9. Yes, since I got that awesome LTE signal yesterday I thought I'd go get the nexus and now dont have LTE again. Appears to be an issue with the G2 as well, so we're not alone.
  10. id say that an accurate statement!! Ive been back and forth on 4g all day here at my desk...get it in my living room now too. oh how sweet!! your time is coming guys, hang in there!
  11. LTE is now off for me here on the east side....obviously still testing. That sample was enough to get me really excited for the the coverage will be in madison once everything is all finished!
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