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Sprints future lte network.

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I have a few questions I don't know if they have been answered elsewhere but just some questions.


I know the new hotspots have lte priorities set up 1900 lte as first, I would have thought it would go band 41, 25, 26. Just for the most use on the biggest pipe les congestion right? (This is an opinnion don't know if it holds turn). But do you think the newer triband phones will be set like this? I could see the hotspots maybe have 1900 first because maybe when in development clear was still the owner of 2600 so sprint didn't wanna pay them all the time.


At wat dbm do you think a triband device should switch bands? I would guess 105-115? Because anything really after -110 is sometimes hit or miss with speeds I've noticed(I have the s3)

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