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Remote support for mobile devices


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Hello everyone,


My company is looking to add support for mobile devices to our remote users and sales team. We have a mix of Apple products, Android, Windows 8, and 1 or 2 Blackberry left. I am looking for a lower cost solution for now to see if there is truly a need for it. Does any one have any suggestions?


We are looking to troubleshoot, screenshare, and apply updates whenever someone needs.


Thanks in advance for everybody's help.



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Thanks for the info Deval.


About a year ago our Verizon wireless rep had gave us info on a server that we could purchase. It would allow us to manage and monitor software that was installed on devices. I did all the research at the time and our company decided it was not the time to do it. So I like a clean filing cabinet so I tossed all the info about a month ago and now they want to manage our mobile users. Our Verizon rep is not the same and this dingbat of a salesmen does not know much. I was hoping to get a few software and server titles because I would remember it if I seen it again.

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