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  1. The term "South" that most people refer to today is not based on their geographical location as much as if they were a part of the Union or Confederate armies during the Civil War.
  2. I know our local Sprint store encouraged us to share on social media. They also would save the ID numbers and give them to smaller account to help both sides out.
  3. Verizon will let you do 10 on the unlimited. I am currently working with a rep now and I just asked him.
  4. In Northeastern PA, we have a lot of rural areas and a struggle for all cell carriers to cover. Verizon is definitely #1 and AT&T ranks #2. Sprint and T-mobile both lack any type of usable service in these areas. This past Friday I was at a Sprint store activating a phone and the local network guy was in there sharing some details about planned work in Central PA market. He said Sprint approved the most money and man power he has ever seen them do to extend coverage to areas that don't have coverage currently. So hopefully Sprint is already starting to expand and we just haven't heard much about it.
  5. Yes, it is unlocked out of the box. I just did it and mine is actually still active on Verizon at the same time as Sprint. I have been swapping sim cards and using both services.
  6. I am sorry, I should have clarified. I am getting 30 down near the cell site. Less than a mile. 2 meg at the 3-4 mile mark.
  7. I found a cell site that might be the one giving me LTE. The last I knew it was a GMO site. It is now broadcasting LTE B25 and B26. They must have upgraded the backhaul because I am pulling around 30 meg down. The tower is 3-4 miles away from my location. I am not sure if 3-4 miles is too far but it's the only site I can find LTE on. I did map some on sensorly.com. If you are interested the zip code is 18707 or Mountain Top PA. You will see LTE starting to color in. I will map a little more today and tomorrow.
  8. I will have to get there to check it out better. I am leaving for vacation on Friday so Wednesday or Thursday I will try to figure it out a little better. I know they have Verizon boosters all over the building as Verizon is the carrier of choice and service was terrible there. I was thinking maybe a roaming agreement or something but at this point I really have no clue.
  9. I am trying to post a screen shot but I am failing at it. I am connected to Sprint B25 according to Signal check and the LTE engineering screen.
  10. I am okay with that. The part I am confused about is that I have no LTE heading in any direction towards a cell site. What would cause just a small location to have LTE almost dead center between 4 sites?
  11. Sorry if this is a stupid question: Would Sprint install small cell equipment in an industrial park when all of the surrounding sites are GMO 3g only? I ask this because I live in an area of GMO sites and I only see 3g. Last week I went to my wife's office and noticed LTE. This location is between 4 sites and the nearest is 2 miles away. A few areas in the park have this usable LTE signal but it is no where else between these 4 cell sites. I used the app "Network Cell info" which shows the connection to an antenna that is almost next to her office.the RSRP is -108 RSSNR 13.6dB and RSRQ -8dB. Is there any way to find the location to this cell site? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. I just got off the phone with Sprint's executive team. Basically they want to open a ticket and wait 72 hours for a response from the field. We will see what comes out of it.
  13. Looking for some educated opinions. I live in an area that is surrounded by GMO sites. We have been having many service issues over the past week mostly dropped calls. I have called Sprint and reported the issues. According to Sprint there are no known issues and no tickets open. On Wednesday 2 of my devices both using signal check pro app, started switching between 3g and LTE b25. I was not able to use the data when on LTE but the signal held for about an hour. After that we have not connect to LTE in that same area. So is it more likely the app reporting wrong or Sprint working on upgrading these sites and not advertising it? Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. For some reason I can't PM you. Send me a message and I will give you a phone number.
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