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Although the title of this analysis centers on the iPhone, the author provides a snapshot of the fortunes or mis-fortunes of individual carriers including Clearwire. Good read.


Sprint had the most customer additions in the last seven years. APRU went up by $3.68, the highest of any operator in the United States. Also, Sprint finally gained contract customers. The company now has more customers than ever and has officially recovered from its disastrous merger with Nextel six and a half years ago.


It is becoming clearer and clearer that Sprint is the only friend left for Clearwire. While its other strategic investors are bailing on Clearwire, Sprint is raising more money for them to give it a chance to surive.



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Its nice to see Sprint increase their ARPU but they still need to get everyone paying the $10 premium data fee especially those SERO-P customers who have 3G phones. I still think its dumb that SERO-P customers are exempt from paying the premium data fee when an Everything Data customer has to a pay the premium data fee for the exact phone and this is coming from myself who is a SERO-P customer.


By making the premium data fee applicable to all 3G and 4G phones for all customers even on SERO-P customers, this will encourage new and renewing customers to purchase 4G phones thus migrating them to the 4G world so that Sprint can quickly ease the 3G network hopefully refarm that spectrum for LTE use.

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