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Is there a device/antenna you can attach to a car to boost data connectivity?

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I know they have similar types of devices for normal wifi, you can by those high gain antennas





that allow you to radically increase the distance of wifi usage when the router is out of range for a good signal.




Is there a similar device for cell phone data networks?  It seems like the car would be the IDEAL plae for this type of high gain antenna, you are not as limited by the confines of tiny smartphone chassis, so you could design larger and longer range antennas couldn't you?



I am in Los Angeles, and it's a big space, my lte/3g connectivity oscillates from strong to nonexistent depending on location, and seeing as that it would be much harder to get perfect blanketed coverage, why don't we see devices that boost data connectivity in cars to smooth out the swiss cheese like coverage in certain areas?

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I've heard good things about Wilson Electronics' stuff, but haven't used any personally. Just remember that there must be some signal to begin with for any booster to work.




Also it doesn't look like they've tested or verified compatibility with LTE yet.

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